Marriage ARC, not in my state now

I got married to a Taiwanese earlier this year, and I want to get my ARC thru the marriage. I’m in Alaska right now studying and I understand I need to get the criminal record check. I’m from New York, originally. Do you think the sheriff or constible here in Anchorage could do it, or do I need to go back to NY to have it done? Also, do I need anything else from the States to show Taiwan for the marriage ARC. Going to be back in Taipei in December for winter break, want to get this shinola taken care of.

Where did you get married? Your criminal record check should be from your place of residence. If you can establish Alaska as your place of residence and Alaska recognizes that (maybe an Alaskan driver’s license?), then get it from there. Otherwise, NY is where you need to get it from.

Even once you’ve gotten your documents taken care of, your winter break in Taipei isn’t enough time for you to get everything done. Your wife should be able to take care of it. Or, you may contact us to act as your proxy for this if she’s not able.

Good luck,