Marriage ARC vs. marriage APRC

Hey! What is the difference between the two and how to get marriage APRC if I currently have one year visa extension after graduating from a Taiwanese uni and planning to marry a ROC citizen?

Thank you!

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When you marry a Taiwanese your can get ARC through marriage which needs to be renewed every few years. After 5 years you can apply for permanent residency (APRC).


Thank you for your reply! Do you know anything about how can the marriage ARC can be revoked/ lost? And is marriage ARC the same as JFRV?

Through divorce or a criminal conviction with a jail time over 1 year.

A foreign national who enters with a residency visa (JFRV), shall apply for an ARC within 15 days after entry into Taiwan. (might be longer than 15 days now due to quarantine rules)

If you already have residence permit, you can change it to marriage ARC.

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Once you have your APRC after getting your previous ARC thru marriage, with the APRC you become independent from your spouse in a manner of speaking. In the event of death or divorce you carry on in Taiwan as per normal with the APRC where if you had only the ARC at the time you’ll have to find another way to stay in the country.

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Do you maybe know where I can check a list of documents needed to change from student ARC to marriage ARC? Thank you!

did you never asked your question to Google

Do you know anything about having your marriage registered in your own country in order to apply for resident visa? Some people say it’s a requirement and some say it’s not. I’m from Russia and I can’t go back home at the moment.

Thank you

Ouch, that sounds like a bit of a pickle indeed. Sincerely wish that the shit happening in your home country currently gets solved soon.

As long as your marriage is registered in Taiwan it should be OK, as far as I understand no need to be registered anywhere else. But since you are not married yet: marrying in TW typically involves getting some documents from your home country saying you are free to marry (eg. not already married). Not sure if that is possible for you to get those right now?

So you already graduated and are on the “searching work” ARC extension… one alternative would be finding a work that sponsors an ARC. You can still marry of course ^^ but that would be one alternative if you simply look for possible ways to stay in TW.