Marriage (documents' validity period)

Hello, I need to know some informations about getting married in taiwan, thank you in advance. Im a foreigner who is getting married to a taiwanese man, and I already got all the papers from my country and certified by ROC, but the problem is I got them a little late because they were lost, so actually they were certified around july 2020, its the single certificate and police record… And I didnt leave taiwan since june 2019 so logically it wouldnt be possible that i got married in my country lately, so do you think I can still use them ? i will try to find some time to go ask, but I just thought that maybe someone has the same experience, I hope I explaned well, and thank you

No one knows I guess :frowning_face:

guess this is the best way. Or, you can just call them to ask.

@tando yea Im on my way and I will post an update in case anyone has the same problem

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I know for a fact they have the power to let you do this, but you will likely be told no by the first person you speak to. Ask to speak to their manager, and say you know people who were allowed to do the same. The rules are not set in stone, I know people who got married with no single certificate, just a signed letter written by themselves promising they are single, although I was not allowed to do this. I would go to the NIA first and get your entry/exit dates printed and stamped for proof you haven’t left Taiwan since getting your documents from your home country.

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One year.

Police clearance issued by your government within the past year

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Why would she need the police record to get married? I only needed mine to apply for the spouse ARC.

Thats exactly what happened, the household called my boyfriend and told him that that its impossible and that I should certify everything again which is a little complicated because my country doesnt have a taiwanese embassy so it needs two certifications in 2 countries then to be send to taiwan, so I got the certification by roc in the end of july 2020, are you sure that I have to push them to do that ? And thank you

You should try.

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