Marriage / dual citizen (US and Taiwan)

[color=#BF00BF][b]Hi I am wondering what’s the easiest way to go through the whole green card process … ~

I am a dual citizen (US and TW) … and my boyfriend is from TW. He wants to come to the US to study after the mandatory 1 year army service, but we’re not sure if it’s better for him to come to the US on the student visa , and have the wedding in US and apply for the green card here…


register in TW first ??


wait after he graduates and apply for the fiance visa…

any other ideas/ suggestions welcomed… [/color]

I just need to know some recommendations and other suggestions and possibilities…

I really appreciate it :slight_smile: [/b]

The benefits of being a US residence:

  1. He gets to pay in State tuition instead of foreign student tuition for public schools.
  2. He can enter and exit US without any restrictions.
  3. He can work while he is a student.
  4. By the time he graduates, he might as well be qualified to be a US citizen.

Since he has 1 year to settle the paper work, definitely get married in TW and get him a fiancé visa. Much better than getting an I-20 and student visa.

[b][color=#8000BF]Thanks for the information,
can you explain the steps I would need to take if I decide to do this (the forms i need to fill out)

[color=#BF00FF]1)get married in TW
2) come back to US and apply for the fiance visa for my bf …

some questions :

1)why would i need to get the fiance visa for him if we’re already married ?? isn’t that for people that aren’t married and want to go to US to marry within 90 days?
2) do i have to be in US to apply for the fiance visa for him?
3) can I apply for it while he is in the army??
4) what other forms do I need to fill out?
5) how long will each step take, and how long will we have to wait for him to officially be able to pay either in state/ or out of state tuition instead of international rates to study ?

THANKS IN ADVANCE… I would really appreciate any information you can provide me with… because I am really confused and I don’t know much about this whole process even after reading lots and lots of forums… ~ THANK YOU !! : :wink: [/color][/b]

You can find all your answers here. … _1315.html

I believe a fiance visa is faster than a spouse petition, not so much foreign documents to verify…etc. There is no visa quota for spouse or fiance of US citizen, so the time is takes depends on the work load of Homeland Security.
Normally, one has to stay in a State for one year to qualify for in State tuition. If he has immigrant visa, he will not be treated as a foreign student for tuition purpose.