Marriage in Taiwan

This part of the forum should have answers to all your questions. You can read about other people’s experiences and the laws and requirements there.

Yes, you need visitor visa for marriage purpose. Don’t marry on 90 days landing visa.

JFRV = marriage based ARC

Oh so after i marry i only need to apply for jfrv (as its marriage arc I DIDNT KNOW THAT I THOUGHT JFRV IS FIRST STEP FOR GETTING ARC). and then i dont need todo anything wai 5 years and apply for aprc?

Yes. But ARC will expire in between those 5 years. You just go and renew.

Wish you all the best with marriage and in-laws. :four_leaf_clover:

Thank you thats a big help.

Can I ask one more thing? I just found one page about marriage and it say “Once the JFRV has been successfully obtained, the foreign spouse will need to apply for an Alien Resident Certificate at the local office of the National Immigration Agency within fifteen days. The following things are required for application:” so after i got JFRV i NEED to apply for that arc to make it marriage based arc? Or that page is wrong and jfrv is already my arc?

The term JFRV is supposed to refer to a visa but is informally used to refer to an ARC.

That page is correct. You need to get a resident visa based on your marriage(JFRV), then convert it to a marriage based ARC. After being on the ARC for 5 years, you can apply to APRC. You may need to renew your ARC twice during the 5 years.

You need to leave taiwan to get the JFRV, if you are here with visa exempt. If you come on a visitor visa with a stamp of “TS”, you can get your JFRV in Taiwan.

Resident Visas for Foreign Spouses of R.O.C.(Taiwan) Citizens Having Household Registration

How are marriages between R.O.C. citizens and foreigners registered?

How does a foreigner renew or apply for an ARC?(Serial No. 0902)

How to apply APRC
English site is broken after their site renewal, so in chinese

Thank you everyone, you all help a lot.
So I found this visa page where u can choose what visa u need (i dont know other countries but Poland need to print it first and then go there). “;jsessionid=0AF3A668FCCF3E293A81D572C38275F4
And I still have questions, hope you dont mind.

  1. When I choose visitor visa I can choose SINGLE entry and MULTIPLE entry. Which one should I choose ans why?
  2. There’s something like “服務機關或就讀學校(Name of Employer or School)” What should I writte there if I am not going there for school or work. It says that i NEED to writte something and next page is already telling me that i can choose joining family. So what should i writte?
  3. 抵台日期(Date of Arrival in Taiwan) ![請點選, 預定離台日期(Proposed Date of Departure) what do they mean by DEPARTURE if i want to join family and get arc to stay there?

Also if they ask me whats the reason for me get visitor visa what should i say? That i want to marry?
Did they asked u any questions?

sorry for trouble and thank you all for big help .

How we did it;

Came in on 90 day visa exempt.
Left to Hong kong for weekend and applied for visitor visa.
Came back to Taiwan on visitor visa and got married.
Applied for ARC in Taiwan, got it about a week later.

I think for the first 5 years you will need to renew it each year. Have your husband talk to them though, my wife was able to get 2+2+1

I would prefer to get it in Poland thats why i asked but thanks.

You can, we just went to HK cause its an hour and a bit flight, faster than back to Australia. You just need to visit your Taiwan embassy/immigration :slight_smile:

Apply for it there, the visitor visa, if it’s anything like HK youll have it in a day or 2, we did it on a Saturday and got it Monday.

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You can ask at the Taiwanese embassy in Poland. They tend to be very helpful and know better than most of us.

I think many people here are already married thats why i asked what they chose.

Not sure about online, I didn’t so mine online, I did it “in shop” so do speak, at HK Taiwan immigration.

As for the questions, 1. Means, will you need to leave Taiwan and come back while holding a visitor visa, or intend to stay the entire length of the visa.

  1. Not sure why it’s asking that for a visitor visa, did you try clicking on one of options in #1 to see if it changes, or make sure the correct visa selected

  2. Means when you plan on leaving the country, applies if you were coming for a set time. I believe visitor visas are 60 days max, but depending, can be extended for 60 days two times.

Go to the TECO in Poland and have a chat.

Or call

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it is not what you will do in Taiwan, but on your current status. If you are not working or going to school, you should write unoccupied, I think.

it is not a resident visa but a visitor visa, so you are supposed to leave before the expiration date of the visa the last day of your allowed stay period. You should set a departure date.

Added: the statement (the expiration date of the visa) was not correct. You should leave before your permitted stay duration ends.

I think so. And you need documents to support that reason.

Ok so what I understand is

  1. first I need to get all documents for marriage in my country, translate them and they must be accepted by taiwan place in poland.
  2. I need to apply for visitor visa in poland (im still not sure about some stuff here)
  3. when i have my visitor visa and documents ready i travel to taiwan and marry
  4. after im married i apply for my marriage based arc (JFRV) and i can do it in taiwan and dont need to travel out of taiwan?
  5. when i hsve my marriage arc (jfrv) i wait 5 years (183 days at least in taiwan) to got aprc?

Is all correct?

And what documents are prove that i need visitor visa to marry if they ask?

sorry for so many questions its all complicated to me. Every page I read has different answer. When I have my visitor visa i want to marry and get my arc(jfrv) and i dont want to leave taiwan. Cause I see some people come for 90 days without visa and must change it fr visitor visa and only then marry and got arc (jfrv). I odnt want that.

I think you need some documents of your fiance and anything proving that you two got engaged and will marry, at least. They might want photos or letters too?