Marriage visa + internships - what are the rules?


I have been offered a one year internship in Taiwan, and since I’ve already graduated from University, I can’t get a regular internship permit. I am, however, married to a Taiwanese and am getting a marriage visa to stay here. I know I’m allowed to work with the visa, but am I allowed to do an internship with it too? I’m getting a stipend from abroad for the internship, and will not be considered a regular employee.

Would really appreciate help on this as I can’t seem to find any information on it, and those I’ve tried calling don’t have a clue either.


If you’re married to a Taiwanese, and get your visa through him, you effectively have open work rights. You can do an internship or any job you please, as long as it’s legal. You’ll also be liable for income taxes here, even if the stipend is from abroad.


Thank you for the reply! I’ve heard you need an internship permit regardless if you’re a foreigner or a Taiwanese national - is that correct? If so, is there any way to obtain one having graduated from a non-Taiwanese university?

I have never heard of a thing called an internship permit, only a work permit. Also the way I understand it, an internship is a job with a definite contract, less pay and the job title “intern”. I would be surprised if you are allowed to do any regular job, but not an internship.

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if it is something you need a license to do, you or your employer may need a permit.

Perhaps ?

Other additional documents may be required during processing(the original will be returned after reviewed). e.g. Permit issued by the comptent authority. The period of intership indicated on the permit must be more than 6 months.

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But with a marriage visa, OP wouldn’t need another separate resident visa for her internship.


Thanks for all the replies!

Long overdue update: as you guys said, I didn’t need a permit since I had the marriage ARC, everything was super easy and smooth.

Thanks for the help!

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