Marriage - visa paperwork requirements .... HELP!

hello all,

Ok, im flying back to England from Taiwan on Saturday 4th October. My fiance and i have decided to get married on my return to Taiwan from England.
So, my question is, what paperwork do i need/ what do i need to do to make this happen?
I only plan on staying in England for around 4 weeks before i head back to Taiwan, will this give me enough time to get myself sorted ?

Any info/advice will be enormously welcome.

Popman d(^.’)b

Have a look at these threads, especially this one on Getting married and applying for JFRV, which summarizes the info well in the first post.

From the UK, you’ll need a certificate of non-impediment (meaning you’re not already married) to actually get married.
You’ll also need a clean criminal record check from the UK police for when you apply for your JFRV (this is valid for only a month, so you need to make sure of your timing).