Marriages between Chinese men and Ukranian Women on the Rise

I’ve said before I’m kinda wary of Eastern European women. Still welcome this development:

do you have a video that isn’t narrated in Ukrainian? :slight_smile:

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@mad_masala has all kinds of hot videos not narrated in Ukrainian. Mostly grunting dialogue.


I think that’s an actual language. You’re just not fluent in it. :sunglasses:


China Chinese or Taiwan Chinese ?

China. I’ve known it happening here but not on the same scale as in mainland China

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No, but print stories about the couples in the video are Google able.

Also, that guy in the tea ceremony looks Like a kpop star.

VThe Ukraine has a lot of beautiful women and they have long had marriage tours for US citizens to go out there and pick a bride. A lot of the women are divorced and looking for a better life for them and their children than what they have had in their neck of the woods (often smaller towns/cities).

The problem is that a lot of the men are not necessarily suitable marriage material and the marriages soon fall apart, after the ladies get their green card usually.

Also the Ukrainians usually find other Ukrainians / Soviet origin friends after arrival in the US and tend to group up with them and rather than becoming familiar with life in the US end up missing life back home too.

Seems both people are finding “love” out of desperation in many of those US/Ukrainian marriages. They meet quickly and get married. Not a wonder they find out later they are not a match and divorce.

I met my Indo wife online but it was about six or seven years of casual chatting online before we actually met in person.

That certainly helps to see if our personalities would match. So far so good. Admittedly my personality may be caustic in the long term :slight_smile:

I’ve not personally known many US/Ukrainian couples. I think I only heard of ONE. And that one didn’t work out, but One is a very small sample size.

I think it may be difficult for an Ukrainian girl to go long term in China, but again it depends on the individual circumstances.

Heres a buncha vids on the subject of Ukrainian women for marriage:


Interesting. I like Ukraine. I like the language, and their women are nice-looking… never really expected Chinese out of all to be involved, but I can’t say I’m apprehensive at all.

They need to get women somewhere, there are non on Mars to my knowledge!

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Poor alien Ukrainians

Well, at least it’s not such a bad mix genetically speaking. I’m a quarter Ukrainian by blood. I think it was @Zapman who wanted to know why I know how to make borscht; that’s why.

No allergies or major health issues, although I do catch colds a bit too often for my liking.

Miscegenation: it’s good for the kids!


Are you 將金國s granddaughter?

Did you mean 蔣經國?

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Asian people all look same.

I guess you can get away with that…

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No, thank god. Family curse.

The gal in the OP is still not as beautiful as Anechka Marchenko …

Why would any beautiful woman settle down for marrying any man in China?

No YouTube Netflix gotta use VPN and people still shit on the streets!

Have you been to Ukraine? It’s not nice there.