Married, do I pay taxes under my husband's name?

I am now married to a Taiwanese. I have several questions. 1. My husband is an aboriginal and from what I am told, aboriginals need not claim an earned income under 1 million Nt per year. Is this true? 2. Do I claim my taxes under his name come tax time? 3. He has never claimed taxes yet, because of his lower income, does he need then to add his income to mine,( which would be lower than 1 million per year ) when I submit my taxes. I understand that I need my tax reciepts each year in order to one day/year obtain my permanent residences. any information or more would be appreciated. Thanks

When married to a citizen you have the choice of whether to file at the foreign tax office with you as the primary tax payer or to file at the local tax office with your husband as primary tax payer. You must file jointly though.