Married in TW, Live abroad now, divorce for adultery

I am European and married my TW wife in Taiwan. Our kid is 10 years old and we live in Netherlands.

I have evidence that she committed adultery and consider divorcing.

In my country the reason won’t matter and I would have to share custody and our asset gains, and the whole process takes a year.

As far as I understand, I could choose to divorce in Taiwan first and much quicker. If I divorce in Taiwan, since she did adultery, what are my chances to get 100 percent custody and not share our asset gains? At least per Taiwan’s rules?

Where can I get best legal advise considering International children custody issues?

If you want to increase the likelihood that you’ll be awarded shared or sole custody and not your wife, I would definitely file for it in the Netherlands. Taiwan’s courts, sorry to say, have an extreme bias for taking both the mom’s side and the Taiwanese side when mixed couples get divorced there. If you want to play with fire, by all means go back to Taiwan… but if I were in your shoes, I would just go through the lengthy process of doing it in the Netherlands because at least there you’re assured a fair outcome and even in the worst case scenario you won’t be denied access to your son. So many Dads over the years have posted horror stories about getting screwed by Taiwanese divorce courts and not seeing their children for years. They might even bar your son from leaving Taiwan under the bullshit rationale that it’ll cause instability or maladjustment in their life (I’ve seen this particular reasoning mentioned many times before).


@Marco do you want to answer this?

Definitely do not come back to Taiwan for any reason. Do not let her take your child back to Taiwan. Keep your child’s passport hostage. Get divorced in Holland. Give her half of everything. Give her half custody. Leave it at that.


Go back to Taiwan with your kid and say goodbye to your kid unless you maintain a good relationship with the mother. If your kid is in Taiwan already well…


Yeah, I can’t believe he even was considering that. Thank God he asked here first (and hopefully listens). I’d hate to see another Dad end up like this poor guy. His story still puts a lump in my throat. Material wealth and assets can be replaced. Children cannot.


Before divorcing …
Transfer some asset to your Child is’t possible?
Then divorce - so “she” will not get half of your gains.

Thank you for the clear advise. So the nationality bonus outweighs the fact that she was the one that cheated and I even have evidence. That’s all confusing as I was reading so much that adultery is penalised in TW.

Not anymore. It was decriminalized a few years ago in Taiwan


Foresee that under European human rights he will not be able to prevent the child from leaving to visit their grandparents or some other excuse.

@Peter2017 I suggest you try to work out some rational and fair agreement with your wife, if that’s still possible.

Even if she did commit adultery that’s not a valid reason to prevent a mother from seeing her child. Similarly, if she contributed to the families’ increased assets, she should be given her share.



Now is not Criminal but still get some light punishment