Married men: how does your wife feel abt Forumosa?

How does your wife feel abt forumosa?

  • She has yelled at me over it, she hates it so badly.
  • Never yelled at me about it, but she dislikes it.
  • She doesn’t seem to care one way or the other.
  • She likes it.
  • She’s happy that I enjoy it.
  • She thinks it’s great.
  • I don’t have a wife (or am not a man).

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My wife enjoys the “Show us your kids” thread. She’s a serious lurker. :laughing:

All furriners are bad. Thus 'mosa is full of bad guys. Lazy criminal bastards.

Wonder why she married one…???

Ah wait, I am different! :blush:

She thinks it full of whiny foreigners. Spot on I’d say :laughing:

Mother T, how come there’s no “My wife doesn’t know that I use it” option. :sunglasses:

Wow, you ARE good. I get up to do it at 5:30 am, while she’s still sleeping, but somehow she STILL knows.

:thumbsup: to you. SUCCESSFUL deceit is the key to a long and happy marriage. :wink:

Just kiddin’ honey, luv ya no, I’m not on forumosa, I’m checking my work emails, be right there.

We’re a bunch of idle petulant armchair slackers who talk too much about nothing much worth while under the sun.

Way back when Forumosa was Segue, she misheard that name and ever since has called the site Sèguǐ (色鬼).

If she ever takes an interest in reading it, I will have to go back and delete many of my posts.

I’m not a man, but my ex didn’t like it. I’m aware of one other female 'mosan who’s husband doesn’t approve. I guess I can understand a spouce not liking it if it cuts into family time. Of course, some of us are a bit flirty from time to time, too–no one I know personally, of couse. Some better halves might not care for that, I suppose. Some spouces may not read or write English well enough to keep up with their partner’s obsession and that might be a bit awkward–but what ever happened to TRUST, people?

You’re cute.

Bunch of old whiny foreign men wittering on about bugger-all and a royal waste of my time.

Her evil scheme to use Forumosa to land a hubby who can cook succeeded, so she’s not complaining. :stuck_out_tongue:

Forumosa is my delicious saucy secret.

My wife couldn’t give a toss even after i told her my secret identity.

The only thread she commented on was the skinny fat people thread. :idunno:

Maybe MT can come up with another poll to determine why our SO’s like/dislike Forumosa? :notworthy:

What’s in that secret sauce?

Why does yours?

Mine objects primarily because she claims she doesn’t like me wasting precious time there, because I have very little spare time and lots of important things to do in it (which is true, but I still don’t find the flob to be a complete waste of time or to seriously interfere with my higher obligations).

But I’m sure a significant part of it is that she’s jealous that I want to spend so much time with all of you. Not that I don’t also spend time with her, but you’re all like my mistresses on the side. It doesn’t matter that I’m still fulfilling all my husbandly and fatherly duties and responsibilities; I’m not supposed to be getting it on the side too.

Mine have absolutely no problem with me logging on.

Maybe my post count or lack of posts explains it.

Two words: Internet widow.
I heard that from Maoman and his wife, and it makes a lot of sense. I know it’s easy to spend a good 30-60 minutes on this site if you find a long thread or two that really catch your attention. That can easily take away from your spouse/children. One way I try to cut down on the time spent here is by not posting much. Then you don’t have to spend any time reading follow up messages to your post. That, and I’m lazy.