Married to taiwanese overseas

what are the processes for a couple (1 foreign, 1 Taiwanese) if they were to be married in the foreign land (male’s home country)?

That is, household registration issues, appropriate visa for the man, etc?

processes to do what? why would the man need a visa to be married in his own country?
(whatever it is you’re asking, the answer’s probably in the archives)


If I understand your question you want to know what the procedure and requirements are to get married in the country of the foreign spouse?

Look at my website if this is what you are looking for - This information is catered to Americans, however a lot of the requirements will still apply.

As salmon said, also check the archives.

Good luck.

once again ,my english was poor. sorry.

scenario is…

:: 1 foreign male and 1 taiwanese female.
:: getting married in australia.
:: want to move back to taiwan afterwards.
:: what is the process for HIM to get sorted out in terms of visas, household registration etc.

i cant find the answer in the archives, if i had of i wouldnt have asked.

Simple. The foreigner applies for a JFRV (Joining Family Residence Visa) to enter Taiwan. Household registration and other issues follow from that. There’s threads a plenty on how to do it. Search for JFRV.

Thx Salmon… found the threads, will forward the details to my mate.

AWOL, if you need any further info, PM me. I’m an Australian who married my Taiwanese wife in Australia last year. Cheers, Amos.

may i just break in for some stupid question here? don’t really have the time to search the archives and was just wondering if someone could give me a quick reply…

if i’m in taiwan on a JFRV, what are my rights?
can i work?
can i stay as long as we’re married?
any other important thing to know?


I don’t have time to search the archives either, so, from memory;

I would suggest, however, that you try to free up 30 minutes of your time in order to ‘search the archives’ (just go to the legal forums and browse through, actually) and gain some more in-depth knowledge to help you in your future life and work. Most people would consider several days well spent for this purpose.

After you get the Joining Family Resident Visa, I can give you full information on your work rights.

What Hartzell means is that you’ll be able to work as a foreign binlang di - legally.

is that free of charge? cause after i got it i’ll have time to search the archives myself…=)

After you get the Joining Family Resident Visa, I can give you full information on your work rights. I have most of that information posted online . . . . . at another URL.

My experience has been that if I EXPLAIN TOO MUCH AT ONE TIME, the other party gets confused.

Hence, I suggest that the first step is to obtain the JFRV, and then I will give you directions from there.

sounds reasonable…yeah, probably wouldn’t be able to remember everything anyways…so, hopefully someday, i’ll get back to u…
thanks in advance