Married w/out

I apologize in advance if my question has been answered to death. I’ve been reading through this forum for most of the evening, but I didn’t see an answer so…

I’ve never worked in Taiwan, and I’ve never possessed an ARC or work permit of any kind. I am currently living in the US with my (Taiwanese) girlfriend. So I’m wondering: if we get married, am I able to just go ahead, move to Taiwan and apply for a JFRV and ARC right off the bat?

If so, I wonder if it’s possible to complete the process from here.


I served as the Chairman of the National Network of Foreign Spouses for many years.

To my knowledge it is necessary to complete all the procedures for obtaining a JFRV in Taiwan … however the laws are sometimes being updated so you could give it a try after you get married.

However, it may also depend on the “interpretation” of the relevant laws/regulations by your nearest Overseas Taiwan Representative Office, so you would be best to ask them first … and when you ask them I would suggest that you say that you are already married …