Marrying for money

someone propositioned me the other day to marry a female from a certain asian country with the world’s largest population. anyone have any links on the frequency of such? the monetary offer was not small and if nothing else would make a cool documentary.

Get a retainer first.

of course. the agent/liason seems to have this all down pat. scarily co.

probably wouldn’t do such a thing but it all is very fascinating how a old lump such as myself can suddenly be worth so much $ in anyone’s eyes. yeah, it ain’t me but the promise of the green card/passport.

that $ could do alot.

But do you get to drive that car?

You wouldn’t really leave something like this in the hands of an agent with an interest in making it happen, would you? :astonished:

Find out if your fiancee’s surname is Bin Laden, or you may find yourself in Gitmo.

Wasn’t there a hottie BIn Laden in NYC a while back?

Yep. Wannabe celebrity, apparently as untalented as Paris Hilton.
Used to be lots and lots of Bin Ladens in Boston. Pretty much a fixture on the social charity circuit.

[quote=“Jaboney”]Yep. Wannabe celebrity, apparently as untalented as Paris Hilton.
Used to be lots and lots of Bin Ladens in Boston. Pretty much a fixture on the social charity circuit.[/quote]
had no idea you read smut J. :laughing:

Wonder if they were big givers to CAIR.

Smut? Not a bit. Other than fred smith, Anais Nin, de Sade, Leonard Cohen, Hugh Hefner… :wink:

surely someone who’s suitably flush could use their cash to obtain US citizenship through more standard, mercantile means… a hefty bank account does wonders for fast tracking an investment visa or whatever the US equivalent is…

two friends of mine once got married back in university so that she could get a Brit passport and he could get a South African passport, purely a marriage of convenience since they weren’t romantically involved at all… after about a year they realised their cunning ruse wasn’t well thought through and since passports were not likely to be forthcoming, they got divorced… made for a good if expensive story to tell at the pub though… YMMV…

I was offered $10,000 to marry a Chinese woman once so she could get a green card. I ended up passing on it once I found out about the visa interviews you’d have to do. It seemed extremely difficult if not impossible to fake your way through that. IMO, it’s not worth the risk at all.

Later on, I found out that the going rate for visa marriage like this is closer to $30-40k.

I think I could make more money if I promised not to marry someone.

is she cute? send her over to me?

Of course she would have to be a real wife in every sense of the word for a few years. Its sorta like rent-a-wife? Plus I would want ALL of the money up front .


You must be better looking than me I was offered 50,000.

10 years ago I was offered CDN$ 25K to marry someone from China. My first thought was fuck that, only $25? My second thought was hellz no, when they come, their whole village and their dogs soon follow, then I’d have to pay through the nose in taxes for more welfare program upgrades.

So the going rate’s now $40?

I’ve had three such propositions. All while I was in Hong Kong.

Funny thing was, one of the women asking was already married. :astonished: