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A lot of people want learn Martial Arts in Taiwan . But of course nobody knows, where is possible to find schools and teachers. The result is that foreigners usually pay a lot (few thousend NT, or 300 NT per hour), and the teachers are not good. Sometimes even don’t come to teach.
I’ve heard that in some parks like for example DAAN or other you can learn kong-fu, sometimes for free or 1000 NT per year.
So my idea is maybe if somebody knows some places (schools, teachers, parks),contact,style,prices,time, opinion. please write in this topic. It helps many people choose the best for them option.
From posts I’ve seen:

[quote=“Nyssa”]I think there is one around Shi Min Da Dao and Dun Hua N. Rd.
The teacher teaches … something called “Yun Chun Cuan” and there are many foreigners learning there.
I went there once with a friend, pretty…gong fu feeling…top floor[/quote]


Wing Chun “Thanks for the kind words, Vay. If anyone is interested, yes, we are at Chiang kai shek memorial on Mon, Wed, Thurs from 9-11 (sometimes start a little late 9:15 or so and sometimes go until very late). It is a good time to come out because we are really focusing on the fundamentals of movement, power generation, balance, body isolation, and hitting like a girl. right now. If you have any problems finding us or questions, call 0930632213.”

San Da ??? "Specific directions: 8-9 東新街 Dong Xin Street. Nan-Gang district: Taipei, Taiwan
Contact 酈秘書長Miss Wan婉玉小姐amy0933978963 or Coach Liu 洽劉教練: 0930846027 "

PErsonally I’m looking for traditional styles Kung - fu.


For traditional internal chinese martial arts the best choice is Luo Laoshi. He teaches pakua at the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall in the evenings. If you are interested in the specifics go to this forum:
and simply post that you are interested. The folks there will get you squared away.

For MMA the best choice is Andy Wang at the Taipei Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy. The phone number there is 2776-6359. The school is located near the corner of Chung Hsiao and Fu Hsing (right near the MRT).

Both these teachers have worldwide reputations, both speak and teach in english and both are outstanding teachers who know and can teach their arts. If you want to learn more about either of them simply “google” their names.

take care,


For karate clubs you can go to


I’m not looking information only for myself, but I think a lot of people can be interested in this subject.
I can’t believe that only 2 people (foreigners?) practise Martial Arts in Taiwan.

About “For traditional internal Chinese martial arts the best choice is Luo Laoshi. He teaches pakua at the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall in the evenings. If you are interested in the specifics go to this forum:
and simply post that you are interested. The folks there will get you squared away.”
brianlkennedy do you train there?



For karate clubs you can go to

Can you check your link please? It doesn’t work.

The period accidentally made it on as part of the link. Delete it and you’re fine.

Let me expand a bit on the Taipei Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy. From its name one might assume all Andy Wang teaches is brazilian jiu jitusu. He does that and does it very well. But in addition to that he teaches other classes that cover striking (i.e. western boxing, thai boxing) and combat wresting (stand up grappling, clinching, takedowns, throws).

The goal is making well rounded fighters who can function in any of the combat ranges. Now when I say “fighters”, it is not just hard core guys there. I train in the western boxing part and I am 46 years old, not in the world’s greatest shape. So the school and the different programs are for everyone. And although I have said this in other posts let me say it again, Andy is an outstanding teacher. And the folks working out there are a great bunch of folks. So I recommend it highly.

As to Luo Laoshi, I view him as being one of the world’s (few) real authorities on traditional internal chinese martial arts. Traditional chinese martial arts is filled 99% of the way with buffons, idiots, space heads and tired old men who really have nothing to teach. Luo Laoshi is the real deal. And it is not just me who thinks that.

take care,

Another excellent option for mixed martial arts is the Taipei Mixed Martial Arts and Kungfu Gym, run by Gordon Preston.

In addition to a thorough background in western wrestling, Judo, and Jujutsu, Gordon has studied Wing Chun locally under Sifu Lo Mankam for 9 years, is a hardass kickboxer, and even has an impressive knowledge of the practical application of Pa Kua Chang.

So far Gord has had 5 guys go into the TFKC (Tawain Kungfu Championship) and all of them won. The atmosphere at his gym is close-knit and friendly.

I should add that I’m giving Gord a plug in particular because, after training in various martial arts since I was in college, I never really felt like I could actually fight. Since training with Gord, I now possess the confidence towards dealing with a street situation which I always thought those other arts were supposed to have given me, but didn’t. (That’s not to say I’m tough, by any means, but at least I can now get up in the face of some big slab of beaf when he’s sliming on my girl at Carnegies!)

The gym is located on Roosevelt Rd. on the west side, just north of where it intersects Xin Hai Rd. Gordon’s number is 0922 176 141

Lo Man Kam’s Wing Chun School

No. 31, 4F, Alley 51, Lan 12, Sec.3, BaDe Rd; Taipei, Taiwan

(If you’re on DunHua Road, the lane is on the east side of DunHua Road- one block north of Civil Blvd, or one block south of BaDe Road.
There is a Lexus auto dealership on the corner of the lane.

The school’s location in this lane is about three blocks east of DunHua.)




Who is Lo Man Kam?
Sifu Lo Man Kam is the nephew of Grandmaster Yip Man. He started learning Wing Chun Kuen with his uncle in 1950, at the same time as illustrious students like Leung Sheung, Lok Yiu, Yip Bo Ching, and Jiu Wan.
In 1960, he moved to Taiwan where he worked in military intelligence. Retiring in 1975, he established the first Wing Chun school in Taiwan, and has since taught over 2,000 students from over 34 countries and territories.

[i][b]The nephew of Grandmaster Yip Man, Sifu Lo Man Kam began learning Wing Chun Kung Fu from his uncle at a very early age. To this day, he still progresses in Wing Chun, continually seeking to expand an already profound understanding of his art. Using his vast knowledge of martial arts, he has integrated Wing Chun

If anyone is bored during Chinese new year, you are welcome to come out and check out what we are doing. We are still training 9-11pm (M,W, Th)at Chiang Kai Shek memorial on the north side of the north performance hall (xinyi rd side) on the ground level. As a side note, they are putting in a MOS burger location there soon…WTF???

Anyway its a good time to come out and take a look-see because its finally warm so more people are coming out and there’s not much else to do during chinese new year.

We are all about learning the principles of fighting with an emphasis on interconnected interaction. We definitely do “wing chun” but not as I have seen it done before. We kind of go in stages…learn to use your body…learn how interconnected movement works (most students in this stage now)…do huge amounts of noncooperative connected chisao (kind of push hands with punching)…increase level of chisao by adding movement, kicks, throws, take downs…full on sparring with ground fighting…secret roof-top kungfu challenge matches…repeat (0k, that last one was a joke)

If you have studied kungfu, mma, bjj, boxing for years before, you are also welcome to come watch us and snicker…we would challenge you to a match but…um…our techniques are way too deadly and designed to kill…so you know…

Anyway, if you want more info or can’t find us or something, call Will at 0930632213 or you can pm me here.

The problem with the following Web Site

is that it’s all in Chinese.

OK, I’m illiterate… my bad.

But if I could read Chinese, I wouldn’t be using Forumosa to find a karate dojo in Taiwan. :wink:

So, since I have dispaired of ever becoming the humble isshin-ryu student of Little Buddha Sensei, can anyone point the way to English-language info on karate?

We are still going at it strong over at Chiang Kai Shek on the north side of the national performance hall (see previous post for details). The newly installed MOS burger forced us to move over to the west side so we wouldn’t have to endure taunts and stares from burger-eating patrons. Basically, we are still on the northern side of the performance hall on xinyi rd. but now we are on the western side closer to chungshan.

I will make it there, I will make it there, I will make it there…

Andy Wang is having computer trouble, so he has asked me to invite Chainsmoker and anyone else from his group or other groups to come to our club this week and spare. You can find location information on an earlier post from Brian Kennedy or by contacting me. Sparring…? Whatever kind you want: boxing, kick boxing, grappling or MMA - anything is OK. In fact, I recommend this. We have the equipment and facilities to provide a safe, non-threatening environment.

I’m so there. :slight_smile: I heard he changed locations? What kind of computer problems is he having? What time is this coupon valid?

We’re packing everything up right now and moving on Thursday night. The first day of the new location is next Saturday. I’m not sure if this is the source of the computer problem, but we will continue to have regular practice every evening until the move.

[quote=“Steve Zodiac”]The problem with the following Web Site
is that it’s all in Chinese.
OK, I’m illiterate… my bad.

Select text. Paste into Word. Use tools/language/Chinese translation to convert to simplified characters.
Select result. Go to Google/ Google Links/Language tools. Paste into window, select translate ‘Simplified Chinese to ENglish BETA’, hit translate. Voila! Now, use a little ingenuity matching it to the original, and you should be able to get enough leads to find a teacher. Hajime!

Taibei: Hall: Ancient pavilion karate training center hall site: Taibei Roosevelt road three sections of 201 (ancient pavilion country small assembly hall) practices the time: Every Monday. Three evenings 15:30 to 17:30 inquire the telephone 19:00 to 21:00 every Saturday afternoon: Wu Xian Yao trains 0936148193 Chen trains 0939595509 Lin trains 0939001663 Weng trains 0925135175 halls: All the people say the hall (JKA) the hall site: Taibei livelihood of the people east road 五段 171 1 1 building (three people roads circle 环海 China building) telephone: (02) 27629495 managers: Mr./Mrs. Chen Xing Gui chief normal school: Mr./Mrs. Chen Hong Zong hall: Rain agriculture hall hall site: The north market rain agriculture country is small inside (aside bright hospital) the telephone: (02) 28941622 training: Chen the great people. Pan unicorn command trains the time: Every Monday. 3. Five [ 20:00~21:00 ] hall: Dragon peaceful road hall hall site: University of Taiwan’s old stadium telephone: 0932-201-306 training: Soviet 尚志 teacher trains the time: Every Tuesday, four, afternoon 7:00~8:00/PM (at the beginning of section class),8:00~9:00/PM (is black 带班) must enter when stadium the entrance can have one manager, so long as with him said you are the karate may. Hall: Inside lake hall hall site: Inside lake high school activity center three buildings (inside lake. Wende road 200) telephone: 0932-201-306 training: Soviet 尚志. Mr./Mrs. Yao Li trains the time: Every Monday, five, afternoon 7:00~9:00/PM. Every Saturday date early morning 9:00~12:00 hall: Loose mountain road hall hall site: The north market healthy road 399 3 buildings (pine blue supermarket) trains: Mr./Mrs. Pan Xin Xing trains the time: Every Monday. Five [ 18:00~21:00 ] hall: Ming’de hall hall site: North the north market throws the area Ming’de road 267 lanes 5 5 buildings training: Mr./Mrs. Huang Zhi Yong school hours: Every Wednesday. Five PM 17:30-18:50 19:20-20:40 Saturday 9:00-10:30 /am telephone: 02-2821 60610918195035 halls: The day mother says the hall hall site: The north market Zhongshan north road 7 sections of 154 lanes 6 4 buildings (day mother supermarket 4 buildings) train: Mr./Mrs. Huang Zhi Yong school hours: Every Tuesday. Four PM 17:30-18:50 19:20-20:40 telephone: 02-2821 60610918195035 halls: Extends 平道 the hall extends 平道 the hall (Taibei Datong area sports meets karate committee) the address: The Taibei Datong area turns over to to pacify street 191-199 (goes downstairs) the telephone: Entire day (02) 2557-2198 evening (02) 25505382 (Xu trains Qia) manager: Zhang De Sheng trains (seven sections) school hours - every Monday. 3. Five PM 16:40-17:50 (new class) PM 18:00-19:10 (child class) PM 19:20-20:30 (elementary class. The intermediate class) PM 20:40-21:50 (is black 带班) every Tuesday. Four PM 16:30-18:00 (new class. Child class) PM 18:10-19:40 (elementary class. The intermediate class) PM 19:50-21:30 (training studies thoroughly class) every Saturday. Date AM 09:00-12:00 (vacation 日班) PM 14:00-17:00 (特别班) hall: Honest road hall (just 柔流) hall site: In front of north market gentleman forest region street (close neighbor beautiful logical sequence street) 3 3 buildings telephones: 28352714 training: Mr./Mrs. Wu Chun Zhong hall: Father memorial hall telephone: 27361516 training: The Soviet will becomes teacher early morning 7:00~9:00 teaches hall in father memorial hall each week Saturday and Sunday: The populace say the hall (2004-07-20 moves following to 新址) the hall site: North market 林森 north road five lanes four (plum blossom activity center) locates the loyal filial piety east road with 林森 the north road road intersection, 善导 side the Buddhist temple, transports 善导 the Buddhist temple by Czechoslovakia stands 1 export, walks 2 minutes. Telephone: 23087111ext.6346 training: Strict founding of the nation training time: Every Tuesday. Four [ 18:00~22:00 ] hall: University hall hall site: The north market Xinhai road one section of warm continents streets mouth (Xinhai area people activity center) trains: Yellow becomes the golden training time: Every Tuesday. Five [ 19:30~21:00 ] hall: Heart Buddhist temple (JKA) hall site: Taibei Yenchi street 235 lanes 1 B1 telephone: (02) 27029524 managers: Zhu snow jade tablet training time: Monday to Sunday hall: Heart Buddhist temple (SKIF) hall site: 106 Taibei Yenchi street 235 lanes 1 B1 telephone: (02) 2702-9524 manager: Zhu snow jade tablet training time: Monday to Sunday website: hall: Taiwan police training school Buddhist temple (SKIF) hall site: 116 Taibei article mountainous area prosperous road three sections of 153rd telephone: (02) 27029524 training: Zhu snow jade tablet training time: Tuesday. Four [ 19:00~21:00 ]

Hey Scott Summers,
Where is your new location and how does it compare to the old one?

I think the new location is the Min Sheng Rec/Sports center. Specific address is 163-1 Min Sheng East Road Section 5 (the cross street is San Min Road–big traffic circle; i.e. just south of the domestic airport) on the 10th floor. Supposed to be much, much bigger than Andy’s current place.

take care,

What is a good Aikido school in Taipei?