Martial arts sports club in Taipei?


I’m moving to Taiwan in December and I wonder if there are some good martial arts sport clubs in Taipei which are also easy for foreigners to get into. Does anyone here have experience with that, especially when considering Chinese language skills being very basic?

I did Kickboxing and Archery when I was a teenager and Iaido as a student and I’d like to go back to something similar. I’m also interested in other Eastern martial arts styles (both with or without weapons). Basically, anything is fine as long as there are good teachers and nice fellow members.

My friend opened up a new gym with a pro size octagon. They’re getting Anderson Silva to do a seminar.

Or Taipei MMA. TMMA has many gyms.

WU ja is also a good gym.

Do you know the prices at that gym?

No, sorry I don’t. It’s a pretty cool gym though.

MMA… no. Don’t. Go back to the originals: muay thai (thai boxing), or kyokushin karate. There are some muay thai places here, but I’m not sure about kyokushin karate.

Thanks for your suggestions so far!
I haven’t checked out everything in detail, but it looks like many martial arts are offered as a course and part of a gym subscription? Are there also more “traditional” sports clubs, for example, archery clubs having their own training grounds somewhere? This is usually how they are organised here in Austria, so I wonder what’s the situation in Taiwan.

There is also

Avoid that gym. Their trainers have no business training in any combat sports for the most part. Never even heard of these people. No one has.


Yes, UFC, never heard of it either, weird…

The trainers…just because they slap the UFC name means nothing. Some UFC gyms have active pro fighters that train people. This one does not.

How much is the UFC gym?

Not sure how much it is, I passed by the one in Neihu and it looks nice.

I miss the K1 days (Cro Cop, Mark Hunt, Le Banner, Ignashov…).

UFC sucks.

Any recs on Muay Thai gyms?

I know there are two in Taipei [at least]. Coincidence that this came up, the past weeks I watched lots of muay thai on youtube, it keeps bringing up very good recommendations for other videos, hard to stop watching. But as for Taipei, I did some searches but didn’t bookmark them. Besides English, search for 泰拳台北too. If you go to any, please post here about it!

Roger that!

Is Gordon Preston still in Taiwan?

I am pretty sure that was his name … He had a place on the second floor at Roosevelt and Jianguo, right across from Guting elementary school.

If these fighters are going to get their heads kicked in, they also want to earn some money. The Ufc and mma is more popular now, else it’s boxing. There is not much going in kickboxing these days…

There are two pro Muay Thai fighters in Taiwan. One is retired and one is active. I was lucky to work for one in his gym and trained with him to go fight in Thailand. I’ve always trained with the other pro. Both are nice guys. It’s still pretty popular in Taiwan, and MMA fighters in Taiwan like to train in it.