Marvel Comics Sold anywhere in Taiwan?

Does anyone know anyplace where I can buy American comic books in Taiwan?
Some older threads on here mentioned some places in Taipei, but it seems like they have closed now.

Anyone know where I can get my hands on some graphic novels or single issues?



You can try Eslite too. Particularly the XinYi one. They’ve started stocking more and more graphic novels from both DC and Marvel. My only issue is that they’re not cheap ($700 to $1100). If you make orders on you can usually get most of what you want for cheaper (even when counting shipping). The range is a lot better too.

As far as single issues go, Eslite only ever seemed to stock DC and a few bongo. But they have been cutting down a lot lately. You can get print subscriptions from DC or Marvel directly. I have subscriptions through Marvel. It costs about $1500 for 12 issues and they take 3 to 6 weeks to arrive.

Oh, that’s great advice! Thanks!
What titles are you currently reading btw? Just curious :slight_smile:

I have a subscription through Marvel for Star Wars, Old Man Logan, and Extraordinary X-Men. I just finished my Batman subscription from DC, and probably won’t renew since Scott Snyder is no longer writing the main series. Everything else I get as trades. Mostly All New X-Men, Batman, Deadpool, Wolverine. I have some Ninja Turtles and I also like Joe Hill’s Locke and Key series (they’re both from IDW).

I honestly just started getting into comics a few years ago so I’m still playing catch up. I want to branch out to the less popular characters eventually.

What Marvel books are you interested in getting? The main series all seem a little jumbled at the moment.

I just digitally purchase and download everything from
A lot more convenient and accessible.

If you’re going to do that, you could sign up for Marvel Unlimited. There’s an app for Apple and Android devices that will let you read unlimited Marvel comics. You usually have to wait a few months for the new stuff to go up, but there’s literally half a century worth of comics there to read.

It’s about $10 a month, but they have specials where you can get a yearly subscription or a free month. I usually only sign up when I see there’s a free month on offer. Sometimes when it’s $1.

I personally still prefer the hard copies. Marvel comics come with digital copies which is a nice addition. It used to be for the specific comic purchased but now they include a few random digital comics.

How about this guy?

That’s interesting. I may make the trip to Whalen’s on Sunday to see what’s what. Their facebook posts say that the prices are marked but they’re mostly not. There are a few posts further down of individual comics with prices. Not too expensive.

There’s one post of them selling some of the Marvel Essential books for $800 each (cheaper if you buy more than 1). I feel like those books aren’t worth much, personally. There’s a lot of content for the price but I don’t like the black and white prints and the paper always feels cheap.

Still, it’s pretty cool so I may go and see what they have at Whalen’s. I always prefer buying in person, I just don’t get the opportunity. I like looking at Eslite’s selection (which is getting bigger) but the prices are ridiculous. If I can order something from book depository or instocktrades for cheaper, Eslite’s people are doing something wrong.

Not Marvel related but: I only tried “Saga” because Eslite was selling volume 1 for $300. Loved it and now I’ve got volumes 1 through 7. None of the others were purchased in Taiwan. It was either because of pricing or lack of availability.

The bookstore in Breeze Center has a bunch of graphic novels, or used to.

Eslite has a few recent-issue comic books for sale in the magazine section. Maybe 20 titles at a time, most of them DC, Archie, or the Simpsons.

I did just that and met the Taiwan Comic Shop guy. Nice enough and knows his comics. It still doesn’t solve the problem of not having a good brick-and-mortar comic shop that sells English comics, but it’s nice somebody’s doing something I guess. The pop up shop at different restaurants is a nice idea.

I’m still happy to get my comics sent to me, but there’s a lot of bargain hunting and research you need to do to find the best prices online. Between instocktrades, bookdepository, and subscriptions, I’m kind of set.

On an unrelated note, anybody been to Whalen’s? Good place, loved the food, the staff were all nice. But the weirdest thing happened when I went to pay. I didn’t realize they don’t accept credit cards. After I handed my card to the girl she freaked out and tossed it down on the counter like it was poisonous. She seemed terrified of it. Very odd.