Maryknoll Dictionary Search apps uploaded

I’ve just uploaded two apps.
One is ‘Maryknoll Taiwanese English dictionary search’ and
the other is ‘Maryknoll English Taiwanese dictionary search.’

They accept Taiwanese/English word and opens appropriate
page of Maryknoll dictionary (PDF file) in browser.
(I tested with Chrome, Firefox, and Opera).

Both apps are meant to run in local environment which means
they don’t need internet connection.

You can download them from GitHub.
At first, visit
for Taiwanese English dictionary(about 82M bytes), or
for English Tiwanese dictionary(about 21M bytes).

Then click a green button labeled ‘Clone or download’ at the right
hand side, and select ‘Download Zip.’
After download, expand the files, and open ‘index.html’ from your
browser. That’s it. You can bookmark this index.html file if you like.


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Big “like”!! Thanks for that! Now all I have to do is get back to doing Taiwanese again. But this removes a big layer of excuses. :slight_smile:

My pleasure! And sorry about taking away your excuses. :smile: