Ma's New Capital City Plan

Did anyone happen to read the CHINA POST yesterday? On the front
cover at the top was a small picture of Ma Ying-jou holding his “new
plan for the capital city”. It stated that information about this plan
could be found on page 20.

Unfortunately, all the CHINA POSTs that I could find that day only had
19 pages. Does anyone know any info about his new plans for the
city that were supposedly announced yesterday?

Page 20 is the last page.

I think that you will find more reportage on Mayor Ma’s plans in the papers today, Nov. 10th, since there was a big debate yesterday between the two contenders for Taipei City Mayor.

Thanks for the information, Richard, but you SHOULD take a look at
yesterday’s paper. On page one next to the small corner picture
of Mayor Mayor there was a caption that said his plan for the capital
city would be detailed on page 20. In the space to the right of that,
it stated that local news would be found on pages 19-20.

Unless I was the only one in Taiwan who got an unusual edition of
the “twenty-page edition” of the CHINA POST which you claim came
out that day, I could only find 19 pages. What happened to page 20?
Page 19 had a story about Mayor Ma and his wife, but nothing about
the plan for the capital city which was pictured in the left-hand corner
of the front page.

I feel that this omission is a serious omission on the part of the CHINA
POST. (Do not worry, Richard, I will also contact them personally to
state my opinion.) Please, CHINA POST, be more careful about the
section which tells where features are to be found. Many times they
are not on the right page or are completely invisible. But this time
a whole page disappeared! Not a very nice thing to do!

Maybe tomorrow or Tuesday, page 20 could finally have the plan of
Mayor Ma for the city. Or maybe, it will be on an invisible page 21!
I look forward to attempting to find it.

…space, the final frontier.

Please explain to me how a newspaper could possibly only have 19 pages.
I’ll give you a head-start: The front page is number one. :unamused:

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The China Post is not alone in its omission of Ma’s plans. From Taipei Times, lot’s of bold initiatives but where are the details?

[quote]Taipei Mayor Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) yesterday made public his campaign platform pledging to push the development of Taipei City in five directions in order to make Taipei a world-class capital.

… Ma said if he is elected next month for another four-year term, his administration will spare no effort in realizing what he described as the “five policy goals.”

These goals include pushing Sungshan (Songshan) Airport as a hub for direct cross-strait air links, fulfilling two environmental protection promises, working out three major economic policies, promoting four organizational reforms, and adopting five creative administrative measures.

“What hasn’t changed is my goal of building Taipei City into a world-class capital,” Ma said in appealing for more popular support for his reelection bid. [/quote]

With regard to Wolf’s comments:

Take your newspaper and count the pages starting with the first page
as number one. When you get to page 19, let me know exactly how
many pages you have? It sure should not be 20 unless you buy a
very different edition of the CHINA POST than I do.

Other comments:
I do agree that the coverage in most of the newspapers of “Ma’s
New Capital Plan” was sketchy at most. I have seen many people
in different forums suggesting working on improving the sidewalk
situation - trying to get rid of motorcyles which ride on the sidewalk
or park indiscriminately on the sidewalks. Maybe all of us should
come up with our ideas for improving Taipei and send them to Ma
so that he has a plan. (Or ask the CHINA POST to send us the
missing page 20.) I am just interested in finding out what was
written on the papers in his hand - a real plan or just plain hype!

How can a newpaper have an odd number of pages given that a printed broadsheet has two pages on each side?
I’ve only worked in the business for 10-plus years so maybe I am missing something.
(And the issue you are referring to does have 20 pages, you are looking at the top left side where there is a refer to page 19 in bold. Look at the right side in the black strap for the page number – 20.)

So, where was the article. Wolf? There sure was no page marked
page 20 and there sure was no article that was talking about that
subject… Still curious!