Masa Harina

Is there any store in Taipei that sells Masa Harina (similar to corn flour, but not.)

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Is it possible Filipinos eat this? If so, maybe at wherever they shop.

Maseca? Nope, never seen it here. BYO or via Friends Express.

YES! More on the subject here: viewtopic.php?f=98&t=79274&p=1275474#p1275474

Just for clarity, YES masa harina is available by special order, in bulk, through Florida Bakery; see the link in Icon’s post just above for details.

Yeah I have some friends asking about Masa Harina too. I don’t like the ones from Florida because it’s too coarse and the tortillas tend to crack easily. I use Harimasa (Mexico) now, it’s available in 1kg packs. You can buy it online here

and good news looks like they have tortilla press, too!


I bought mine at City Super.


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Yeah, that’s the brand I bought.

Bump. Has anyone seen masa harina in a supermarket, especially Taipei area, in the past few months? I haven’t seen it in assorted Jason’s or City Supers in a long while, but maybe other branches have it.

iHerb periodically has it available for several hours at a time (as in, I’ll get a notification email at 2am that it’s in stock, and when I check the site at 8am it’s already sold out); Florida Bakery is referenced above (from a decade ago!), but I can’t find masa on their website; the summerpalm link above appears to be dead. Or am I going to have to get my wife to help me figure out shopee?