Mask wearing now and before Covid?

I believe it was normal to wear masks when sick here before SARS, leaving aside the many people who always wore masks on scooters. It was certainly common in South Korea in the late 90s, because that’s where I first registered it - but I don’t have clear memories of masks here pre-SARS, because by then it was also normal for me.

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Yet, now they have.

Not along party lines, however.

The objection to the mask issue is - making it illegal to not wear one when there is no risk at all of getting Covid.

I distinctly recall, when doing some water sports, a poor local Taiwanese lady almost drowning, as she was forced to keep her mask on whilst swimming.

It’s not only bad science, but dangerous in some instances.

Wear a mask if one thinks they want or need to, but forcing others to wear them under threat of fine or jail, in perfectly safe circumstances, when no one whatsoever is at risk, is disturbing on many levels.

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Not from what i see around me, you like them or you dont.

So it’s not political, it’s personal.

Maybe we are taking at cross purposes. The decision to make it illegal to drive a car alone without a mask, illegal to walk in a park alone without one, illegal to pull a mask down whilst taking a drink of water in your car, those were definitely political decisions, disconnected from any ‘science.’

It’s political, and personal. These political decisions affected the personal lives of the entire population.

You’re just trying to twist it into a political discussion when it’s a personal matter supported by both blue and green, the majority of people here support it. I choose to live here so i follow it even if i agree with it or not.

But the question was
"There were masks when you are walking alone in a park or riding a bike before 2020? ".

The answer is still yes


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A lot of people have changed their behaviour. They don’t need others to tell them to wear masks. My wife hasn’t been outside without a mask in two years. Even when we go for a walk etc, she keeps it on. I have finally convinced her to take it off in the car. She isn’t scared of covid, she feels like she is breaking the rules when taking it off.


Sorry, I am not a native speaker, I might enthusiastically invent terms along the way…
My point is that by making the rule simple: “Masks are mandatory”, the population will adhere to this mitigation measure more easily than if you have some instances when you have to wear them and some instances where you do not have to…
These fuzzy rules were implemented in Europe and were a mess at that time…

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I agree! Thanks for the clarification.