Masks that you can sleep in (long airport flight)

Soon I will have a long flight.

It could be virtually impossible to sleep (awkward breathing) with the standard masks that I have been buying at the pharmacy.

Any suggestions on getting a more comfortable mask that one could actually sleep with (going to try to nap on the airplane).


Never tried it, but I can’t imagine that any of the alternatives are more comfortable than surgical masks. I don’t know whether they allow valved masks on planes (I don’t think they should, personally). Maybe you could look at the more sophisticated 3M ones (7502 etc.).

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I don’t think you have a choice - they will insist on at least one of the blue surgical masks, I think. Anything that’s easy to breathe in will, by definition, be completely ineffective.

Honestly, it isn’t that bad. I slept for a few hours in my mask. Just make sure you’re tired before your flight!

Doctors like the masks that don’t loop around the ears.
I’ve seen these types to take the pressure off your ears.

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Nice one. Those masks cause the skin at the tops of my ears to bleed. Becomes painful, and gross, after a full day. I think people that wear glasses have a leg up on us wimps that cant have stuff rubbing our faces.

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I pre-stretch the elastic straps overnight the day before using a new mask. I just wrap the ear loops around a jar or whatever to stretch them out a bit. It relieves a lot of the pressure on my ears.

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How does one sleep “in” a mask?

And why are you asking about “long” airports? :rofl:


What about N95 masks?

I wore a mask last year when flying back to Germany. I had similar worries but it turned out that wearing a mask a plane has it’s benefits.
Normally I get a dry and sore nose from the dehumidified air on board but the mask keeps the air around your mouth and nose humid and warm.
If you stretch out the rubber bands beforehand, they’ll fit more comfortably.

Don’t. They are hard to breathe in if you are wearing them properly.