Mass formation psychosis

You watch Malone too? I’ve seen some descriptions of the theory, but what’s the evidence it’s real? I found that one of the odder parts of Malone’s talk; there are more conventional explanations for the Nazis. I heard Malone let it hang out more on Alex Jones by the way :slight_smile:

On my to-watch list…it’s already caused a hundred memes to bloom.

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Twitter has made sure he’s reaching a wider audience!

I heard about Malone’s comments, I had posted another clip about 6 months ago with psychiatrists discussing the phenomena to lawyers. Also discussed this with my brother who specializes in this stuff, his opinion is the mass formation psychosis stage was early on, in the UK when people were banging pots at the end of their garden, kind of suggested we are in a different stage now without elaborating.

edit/ went back to the original one I posted, it looks to be about 5 months old.

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Worth pointing out that there is a vast body of literature on the subject - it’s not just something Desmet pulled out of his hat. The interesting bit for me is how Desmet had his lightbulb moment, something along the lines of “hey, I knew this stuff already - why didn’t I spot it earlier?”.

Personally, I disagree that we’re in a different stage. Banging pots for the NHS was most likely the start of it (in the UK) but it was an ongoing process, not an event. Nothing has happened, yet, to snap people out of it, although there are some signs that it might be unravelling at the edges.


We may be splitting hairs, 6.21 in the above video it is explained how mass formation psychosis has steps, or stages. I may have misspoken by suggesting the stages are not all associated with mass formation psychosis, but hey I’m just a layman on this topic so give me a break.

Ah, I see what you mean. I thought the suggestion was that we’d moved on to something different.

I had never heard the phrase “mass formation” before. It’s a big sprawling topic, encompassing different facets of human behaviour like obedience to authority, suggestibility, compliance with social proof, crowd behaviour …

It seems like a very specifically detailed theory. I’ll try to look up more on the evidence.

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A search on PubMed for “mass formation psychosis” returns “Quoted phrase not found” and thus no real scientific studies on the topic.

Google started scrubbing after the Joe Rogan interview, you may want to try DuckDuckGo. Google was fairly accurate until a few days ago.

For some reason.

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No, they did a search on PubMed. But you’re not saying Google is scrubbing info about “Mass formation psychosis” surely.

I am, people watched that real time, they had a message about facts changing in real time for a while.

I’d seen this 6 months ago, so wasn’t that interested, Joe Rogan apparently has a larger audience than my obscure videos.

I’m not following you here. If it’s a scientifically established theory, then the basic information about it will be out there. That’s all I’m really interested in.

The interview above, especially the first 20 minutes lays it out pretty well.

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Right, I’ve seen a number of things laying it out, but no descriptions of what evidence if any underlies this theory.

The holocaust, the Russian revolution, the Khmer Rouge.

Why do populations go along with atrocities that when looked back on everyone asks themselves, how could they have gone along with this?

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That’s not evidence, not just saying a few names like that anyway. There might be lots of reasons.

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For anyone who might be interested, Gustave Le Bon’s seminal work (“The Crowd”) is on Project Gutenberg.

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I could have added in the Cultural Revolution. What people were doing was abhorrent to humanity. Children denouncing parents, we all see that as the worst of humanity, how di it ever get so bad?

My neighbor, my friend, my coworker is never the enemy, not because of race or religion or political beliefs, they are like me, my focus is on those who wield power.

That’s just another name. I’m sure we all agree it was abhorrent. I would assume that if this was a scientifically established “theory” there must be evidence for it somewhere worked out in detail and how it explains those specific instances of genocide etc. you mention. I’m starting to wonder if that exists, but I’m still looking.

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