Mass Riot in Chizhou City Anhui Province, China

A mass riot erupted on the afternoon of June 26, in Chizhou city, Anhui province. Over 2,000 people gathered at the scene where several police vehicles were burned and the local police station was ransacked, until the situation was brought under control by 700 officers from the Anhui Province Public Security Office before midnight. The government media and the locals tell two totally different stories about the circumstances surrounding the incident.

More photos and information about this riot here…

Don’t mess with taxi drivers. The same axiom holds true here in Taiwan.

But, but, I simply don’t understand. China has millions and millions of Falun Dafa people, who EVERYONE KNOWS create a stable society, and yet this happens?

The evil CCP persecutes Falun Gong practitioners(the most stable factor of a society), when good persons are persecuted, the moral standard of the society slides down quickly.

CCP is so evil that many Chinese have suffered, they are trying to find a way to express their fellings.

Can’t beat a good riot. (Not much fun hanging out in Anhui you know.)