There is still hope for the Western fashion craving crowd here as the Spanish group Inditex ( Zara and consorts) is soon to open its first flagship store in 101.
Now, I like the male section as the cut / collections are more skewed to a sporty/ classy 30 + public but afraid that their prices will be much more “over gratified” as in Europe.( selling mid level premium for lower prestige here)

I remember , still living in Manila I bought a shirt which costed 40% more than the same one I saw in Barcelona 2 weeks later. Wondering if they will attract the same crowds as when Zara opened…
Anyway, just a heads-up for those not frequenting the 101 area but loving the brand :notworthy:

I visited 101 and saw on the stores map Massimo dutti; couldnt find it… but I guess it s coming soon. Grand opening before Christmas would be a smart move

Who the Hell is Massimo Dutti? Is it supposed to be an Italian brand? I’ve never heard of it before! :smiley:

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