Massive structure discovered under surface of moon

Planetary scientists have discovered a structure that weighs 2.18 billion billion kilograms and stretches for more than 300 kilometers (186 miles) in depth. As reported in the journal Geophysical Research Letters


“One of the explanations of this extra mass is that the metal from the asteroid that formed this crater is still embedded in the Moon’s mantle.”

YEAH SURE, CIA BRO. Nice try, but we all know it’s aliens. Either metal aliens, or an ancient alien treasure. Literally no other explanation.

Its obviously the monolith.


Nazi moon HQ.


Proto Mall

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Transformers, Dark of the Moon

It’s a giant space shit…errr…ship…ship.

Giant sphinx-like statue of Bernie Sanders, to match the one on Mars of Marx.

Sanders is no Marx

Gotta be where the Engineers left the Xenomorphs last time they were in the area. If I were you guys I’d get the f&*k out of Dodge.

That’s possible…

Do you think there may be space monkeys dancing around it? Are they made of metal?
God, I hope there are cybernetic space monkeys under the surface of the Moon, all dancing around a monolith.

Massive structure discovered under the surface of the moon.

Sources say it could be the much rumoured ‘Rest of the Moon’.

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pretty sure that’s all vibranium under the crater.

A motherload of Unobtanium