Massive U.S. college entrance exam cheating scandal

Big news. 50 people.
Huge bribes, U$25mn.

Huffman’s husband is actor William H. Macy.
Others caught up:
ex-Pimco (largest bond fund firm) CEO.

Kids must be stupid and/or lazy to need parents money to get into schools, some of which are so-so.

How is this any different from normal alumni / sports preferences or affirmative action programs?

for the first, alumni of schools pay great high school athletes to come and play for their college alma mater, and if caught, the schools get banned from sports or playoffs for a certain number of years.

here, rich people were paying workers inside the schools through third-parties to get rich kids into schools.

doesn’t answer your query, but they are separate

Straight out of Desperate Housewives lol

What I mean is, the complaint is that for every such applicant admitted, a more qualified one is excluded. But this could also be said of policies favoring athletes, “legacy” admissions (the children of alumni), and minorities. The major difference lies in who is authorizing the favoritism.

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this even worse as hush money involved, taken by school admins

This woman paid 500k to deny two rowers the chance of denying two academically qualified students the chance of a place. Weird stuff.

Presumably she’s already spent a fortune on their education, and they’re still too thick to get into college. There comes a point when you need to stop throwing good money after bad.

It’s a disaster for her kids. Now they will forever be the dafties whose mum was forced to buy a college place.

Her hot youngest is freshman at USC and is a YouTuber. News already showing one YouTube in which she says she wishes she wasn’t in school.
All kinds of tapes showing up.
One where mother has 2 daughters on both sides of her on some catwalk being interviewed, stating how she teaches them to always be honest blah blah blah. lol

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It never changes. Prince Charles got into Cambridge with two A levels. Allegedly his bodyguard wrote all his essays while he was there.

We might have a Prime Minister with two Es at A Level if May continues to cock up.

Their daughter will probably end up at a Taiwanese buxiban within the year.

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Wow, USC a mid level school. We used to call it University of Spoiled Children…

Dozens of parents may now face steep tax penalties after they allegedly paid bribes disguised as donations in order to get their children into elite colleges like Stanford and Yale.

getting even juicier. bwahahaha

I mean, it’s a pretty good state school. It’s no Ivy League institution. I guess that would’ve been a bit too obvious if their dummy daughter was enrolled in Harvard.

True its a decent school until you factor in the price of USC Tuition. 50k a year undergrad.

USC is private. ~60,000 tuition
UCLA is state. ~12,000


USC is a fortress in a crime ridden Ghetto.
UCLA is in Westwood next to Beverly Hills…


I have to admit I’ve never heard of the USC, which makes the 500k bribe even odder.

I assume Harvard was out of the actress and fashion designer’s price range.

Whoops, I stand corrected. I assumed it was state because it has California in its name.

Guess bribing a state school would be harder than bribing admissions at a private uni now that I think about it.

Actually Harvard I believe is 40k a year which makes it cheaper than USC. Its just very hard to get into even with a perfect GPA and near Perfect SAT scores. Usually you’d have to be Valedictorian, Class President and or be well rounded in sports or active in some other notable activity and have an excellent entrance Essay or connections from Parents

It’s more famous for sports than academics, and a lot of rich people send there kids there, so it’s more about making connections than about learning anything.