Massive U.S. college entrance exam cheating scandal


Anyone know what the average uni tuition is for students here?


Average tuition in TW?


USC is for sports athletes and film school students, that’s about all.
O.J. Simpson won the Heisman there.

all kinds of recruiting scandals, mostly sports related.
Seattle Seahawks head football coach left USC in a hurry ahead of that last scandal.


Dunno but I found this. College Tuition is reasonable outside the US

This year tuition payment for NTU is NT26100 per semester. If you need a dormitory, it is about NT4000 a semester, foreign students have priority.

Foreign Students
The average tuition fee to study in Taiwan for international students is about US$1,900-2,500 per semester for US$1,750-2,125 per semester for most graduate programs.


They could have gotten a Ph.D. at a Russian university for a fraction of this kind of money.

D’jever wonder, howcome people that rich want to go to college so bad? They don’t need jobs, and it can’t be for the intellectual stimulation. Do they go just for the bachanalia aspect? Or is it a question of bragging rights?


USC= Party, Connections, Bragging rights (not sure whats to brag about with USC)


Going to school in a protective bubble surrounded by the ghetto probably.

“I’m so edgy I go to school in the ghetto! SoCal reprezent!!”

Yeah, but you never leave campus and freeze in fear if you see a black person on the street.


The total 2018-2019 cost of attending Harvard College without financial aid is $46,340 for tuition and $67,580 for tuition, room, board, and fees combined.

USC is like 72,000 when add tuition, room, board, books


More to the point, how is the USC women’s rowing team doing at the moment?

The two updating their Instagram could be weak links.


the right photo is making the rounds of the internet.


The YouTuber in question makes her money out of selling school related stuff, opening up her dorm to teen magazine, stuff klike that. Without college, no biz.

But mostly parties and networking and most importantly, a piece of paper that gives semi respectability…for when you pay people to do your work for you.


Didn´t know that. Makes me feel much better that in the old country my classmates who inherited minister jobs from their dads were also the ones who had their homework done by aforementioned dad´s secretaries. Same everywhere.


I think private unis in Taiwan charge around NT150k a semester.


Amazon had set up her dorm room with all its sheet and was going to film it. obviously she’d get paid for it.


I guess people that donate big sums of money to colleges get a preferential treatment.


Well yeah. But in this case they were donating big sums of money to the coaches, to the SAT proctors, etc. instead of directly to the college. If everybody did that, then who would pay for the new buildings?


And somebody was “fixing” the tests for them. But not too much, not to make it too suspicious.

Indeed, they could have donated money. But somehow that seemed a gamble and they preferred to break the law by bribery and falsification of documents, for starters.


If your kids can’t even get into USC, you’re doing something wrong as parents.


One article noted that some were “lying about their ethnicity” in order to benefit from affirmative action. I would love to see that prosecuted. “Race” blanks usually ask you what you consider yourself! Otherwise, how could these things possibly be defined? Recall also that some number of Asians attempt to disguise their ethnicity in order to not be penalized!


USC is pretty hard to get into. Their average SAT and ACT scores are top 5% of the country. I would say it’s certainly a excellent academic school, not elite like Harvard. And yes, it’s a school for sports and party with other affluent kids. I think USC has the most amount of alumni donations out of the country.