Master's Degree help - Buxiban teacher survey (~15 minutes total - huge help if you can)

Buxiban teachers, I need your help (SOS!). To finish my master’s degree I need another 90 surveys filled out by cram school teachers in Taiwan who don’t always agree with their workplaces policies and have broken the rules in well-intentioned ways. It’s about 15 minutes to do both parts total (2 halves of one whole) and in return you get the satisfaction of doing a stranger a solid (amazing karma!) and getting my unconditional and eternal gratitude. It’s 100% anonymous and thank you in advance for being amazing! If anyone has any questions or are interested in the results when I crunch the numbers, e-mail me at Thank you thank you thank you!!!


[Part 1 of 2] https ://

[Part 2 of 2] http ://