Master's research plan/proposal for NTU application?

Thanks for the useless feedback?

My point was simply that I love studying. I had to work to get through school, too, which cut into/interfered with my studies. There’s a reason I have over 200 undergrad credits. No need to be an arse about my educational background, y’know?

And I cannot continue a degree outside of the US or Taiwan if their standards aren’t similar to the US’s upper education system. I don’t have the prerequisites to get into this particular department. The EU requires me to have a bunch of stuff related to math that I don’t have, and I don’t have time for that.

Bye bye!

Don’t worry, I’ll be leaving Taiwan (and not returning again) after I finish so you can keep your school to yourself. lol.

Gotta say, though, it’s a bit f’d up that you’re chasing people away who are pursuing their own personal goals. You don’t really know me as a person, and I’ve never been rejected by any college. Even if you have a personal vendetta against me (again, not sure how you would because you don’t know me), it would make no sense to deny me my ability to use my hard earned cash to pay my way through school here. It’s not your decision. And whether my attitude is right or wrong, it ultimately shouldn’t matter to you. My attitude is towards studies. Taiwan sucks, and I guarantee you no professor is going to ask me if I think this is true or not. Go look through my history some more: I never intended to stay here. But now I’m stuck until I finish studying, and there’s no way I’m uprooting my life just to satisfy some anon on the internet. Thx for your understanding? You must be very mature. /s

Have to add this, too: if professors hold your kind of views, then god help me. You people are several decades behind in your emotional processing.

I really made a mistake coming to Taiwan. JFC. I really mean that. Too bad it was outside of my control at the time. Next time, if there’s ever a next time, I’m going to China where they don’t hold the nonsensical views that you do towards prospective students because what they think doesn’t align with what you think.

Btw, once Taiwan stops sucking the teet of America and being Uncle Sam’s last b*tch in East Asia to hold back China’s expansionist plans, Taiwan will become irrelevant. Don’t forget that. The only reason anyone knows the name of Taiwan is because of how important it is globally. Taiwan, for such a small place, gets an incredible amount of unwarranted attention. You don’t hear much about Cambodia, do you? And if don’t believe me, you’ll see in due time. (FYI: the dick is the one that brings it to places it doesn’t belong–I’m not the harasser because I don’t go around complaining just to complain about how much life sucks where, but you came to this thread to kick up a shit storm. I’m the bad guy here?)

So, there might be citations, right?

Let me put it this way: we know magnets exist. magnets can see inside brains. now you want to take that magnet and use it to see biological life on another planet in an ocean you know exists using principles that don’t belong in this department. there are no citations that anyone has tried that.

That clarifies what I’m trying to do, yea? (Without directly giving away what I’m trying to do.) This is an example of what I mean by lack of citations.

In fact, it is such a can of worms that it is very multidisciplinary and for it to be taken to the PhD level with any viability would require a ton of R&D and engineering to make it work. Especially if it’s taken outside of academia and applied in a real world setting. I think that is why there are no citations for it.

OK this is a problem.

As I mentioned in the second post in this thread—which you responded to, but do not seem to have really processed—the question of who you would work with is very important, not just for the target unit but for your sanity. If NTU is a bad fit for your interests or your project, why are you applying to that unit at NTU? You should be finding a unit or a group of people who can help you.


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As I mentioned, fit matters at the postgraduate level.

Folks may also have professional or family commitments making it better for them to, say, be in K-Town or in Taichung than pulling up and moving to Taipei.


Sorry mate that is not how “research” usually works. You do need to build on what others have done—hence the re- part of this key term.

Good luck.



The department is exactly in the field that I want. For example, if oceanography is what I want to do, and the methods I’m interested are experimental or theoretical because they’ve not been tested much, does that mean I need to give up my research idea and not apply to the department of oceanography even though that’s ultimately what I want to do?

Is it, though? Professors have all said it’s fine, and they’ll accommodate me because it’s within the realm of the department. For example, if I want to do research on deep biological life in the ocean, but their professors don’t do deep depth research specifically, that is a problem? Again, not according to them.

My answer is the same as above.

If I’m an international student, and I’m not in Taiwan, there’s no way to do what you’re asking. Let’s pretend that’s the situation here.

What does that have to do with me? I’m already in Taipei. I made the move a while ago because the jobs and the pay sucks where I was before.

Wow, it’s really a wonder why R&D even exists. If all you’re doing is not adding to a field of study, you’re really doing nothing. Research is to find new avenues. Innovation doesn’t come from sitting idly on other people’s work and parroting everything they’ve already done.

Hahahahhahaha. Good luck with that in China.

We shall see. People been saying this about Taiwan since at least this forum started. There are hundreds of posts saying Taiwan will never be richer than Spain or Italy, lmao. I keep hearing the same thing about Singapore until very recently too. I for one choose to believe it’ll persevere and thrive.

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I speak from experience of people I know who have studied in China. It’s not as bad as you think it is, unless of course your experience was bad. But there’s no way to generalize your experience to everyone else.

There’s a reason many people call Taiwan “Thailand”. I don’t think Taiwan will not be rich or successful. I just think no one will care that much about it or its politics once it falls from the top. And if TSMC production can be moved, Taiwan will definitely not be at the top of any list. Slave mentality isn’t enough to create a museum of a country for people to see.

This will come across as blunt, but you’re just talking about a master’s research proposal, right? It’s not even a PhD project proposal, or a grant application involving multiple PhD students, postdocs, and PIs, but even if it was, realistically, you’re not going to be changing the world or reinventing the wheel with it.

Of course anything you come up with should be grounded in work already done. It might just have been a bad example, but your post above about “magnets can see inside brains” just came across as wacky and uninformed (they can’t – assuming you were talking about NMR/MRI and related methods, at best, very strong magnets plus a load of other stuff can be used to see inside brains (specifically something about the environments surrounding protons, or water containing them)). As did some of the other stuff, like using ChatGPT to tell you about sensing methods, which you’ve said you have very little knowledge about and don’t even know the terms to search for.

I started writing a response about that last night but decided I couldn’t be bothered (and I still can’t). The main point is though, whatever you come up with, it should probably be based on (i) existing knowledge and (ii) reality. Nobody is going to invest “a ton of R&D and engineering” into a master’s project lol.

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Pretty sure all of us on this thread are published researchers working at Taiwanese universities, except you, btw

Edit: oops, and the guy who snuck in just in front of me

Well, not wholly wrong. Published, was previously a researcher, and still working in scientific publishing, but hell no on the working at a Taiwanese university part. :sweat_smile:


Pretty sure I’m not clueless about the meaning of research. Also what you’re saying is a logical fallacy. “You don’t have a PhD / You’re not published, therefore you have no authority on deciding what words can or should mean.” And you do? It really doesn’t require a PhD to understand what is what. Simply being educated and doing a lot of lab work with professors in undergrad is enough.

And that’s what’s so hilarious. You’re all struggling to give me any useful info despite being so up there with a ton of experience. What good is a college professor in a kindergarten position?

I’m not. But I like to push myself to test combinations of ideas. I’m not trying to invent anything here, I just have no ideas on how to piggyback on someone else’s work or what variables I can change. You wouldn’t know anything about that, would you? When you people give answers like “go ask X and Y and do what they want,” I wonder: I thought you’re an expert? Since when are you taking the backseat position now?

You did read the part about it being just an example and not actually what I meant? Obviously I was talking about MRI. For someone so educated, I’m stunned at the difficulty you’re encountering to see the word “magnet” in the application I was mentioning. No offense, really, but it is surprising how much NITPICKING you guys are doing here regarding my question. What do you get from my failure? I believe nothing?

The other sensing stuff was not whacky or uninformed. I did research them. They DO exist. It’s dramatically faster to ask ChatGPT about it because many of these methods are not in Wikipedia. Undergrad doesn’t need to be directly linked to postgrad in topic. Why are you behaving as if it does? There’s nothing strange about any of that. I could google, or I could ask ChatGPT. I don’t use AI often. When I need quick answers to things, I may.

Look, I literally know nothing about the topic. Everyone is behaving like I’m supposed to have a background in it. A bit weird. Pretty sure med schools don’t require you to have a doctor’s degree just to get a doctor’s degree.

Yes, another nice nitpick. I did say PhD and practical applications, right? It’s like Elon Musk and his rockets and ideas to put people on Mars. I’m sure you were one of those people who tried to shut him down like many others who told him he’s crazy.

Yeah, I really can’t be bothered, sorry. Need to cook something and got work to do, and I remember your previous thread that went on forever.

I don’t mind skimming the publications, once you’ve got the master’s and PhD and secured funding for your physics-defying interplanetary-scale space magnet, so feel free to post them here once the time comes. Good luck!

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You know me.

I’m not doing anything even remotely close to magnets. Also none of it is physics-defying stuff. And when I shared my idea with one professor, he was very encouraging and told me to go for it. They said they want to see people have passion for the field.

It’s really simple, too, why I want to do it: I hate particular jobs, and I’m certain what this can give me and what I can give back is a perfect fit.

It’s ok. I forgive your jaded behavior. Don’t let this anon rile you. I’m not important, and it’s just the internet.

Misquote, sorry, not what I said and not what I meant.

You’re explaining research to professional researchers, maybe we know a thing or two.

I don’t think we’re struggling to give useful info, it is the responses that we are struggling with

You’d be surprised the wrangling that goes along with supervising graduate students

Google “literature review”. You’re welcome

Graduate school is often about giving your supervisor what they want. We know that because we’ve been through it. You’re allowed to have an opinion, but you came here for advice and people with experience are trying to help you, and you get defensive and aggressive.

You’ll have to get used to people challenging your ideas.

We’re actually trying to help, but we also get nothing from that. Not even gratitude, apparently

So how can you say it is feasible, worthwhile, and completely unexplored?

Usually people who do a masters either know something, or they study under someone who does and tells them what to do. It’s a bit odd to be not great at math, not know anything, not have a department supervisor who knows, and want to do something as technical as searching for alien life under the oceans of other planets using magnets.

We are looking at what you are telling us, and it is confusing. If you want to fail, just do what you want and don’t ask for or follow any advice. If you want advice, I think we already gave it.



Honestly, an international student accepted to NTU isn’t a very high bar. The requirement for them is insanely low, however for Taiwanese students the bar is so high that the Taiwanese is actually better off studying overseas. It’s harder than Harvard to get into. That’s the thing though, if the OP isn’t considered an international student, getting in will be a problem, and the effort is better off spent on better universities elsewhere.

Otherwise better off applying for other universities in Taiwan like TKU or other private universities, or other public universities, hopefully the bar won’t be so damned high.

Actually I have a feeling TKU might need more students, because I just found a cheap room by there, and there are lots of rooms available. I don’t think it’s a bad university, it looks better than FJU in my opinion (FJU is useless for studying STEM, they’re more business/liberal arts). No idea the tuition though, but I know FJU’s tuition is nearly 60,000 a semester.

Look for advisors, look in various universities in fact, not just NTU.

If you have an easy way to get into NTU (like international student), by all means, do it, but if you are lumped into the same category as any other Taiwanese, then forget it. I’m not bothering with NTU, for a university that’s slightly worse than UT Austin their bar for admission is too high.

I said: Research is to find new avenues and innovation doesn’t come from sitting idly on other people’s work to parrot it.
You said: Pretty sure all of us on this thread are published, except you.

Now, a question: what is the purpose of leveraging your position over me? Do you feel like you’ve won, or is that simply “you’re incompetent and know nothing about what you are talking about?” Because if that sentence of you being published is not there as a trump card, I don’t know what your purpose is in saying it.

You guys all behave as if you’ve never had to do a master’s research plan/proposal. Why’s that? Doing too much humanities studies?

I have no idea. I got no experience with anything here.

I know what that is… it’s something that shows what’s been done so far on a topic to help you identify knowledge gaps. That’s not what I’m looking for, though.

It’s interdisciplinary, and it been applied in other fields for different things. I guess you could say it’s like if you took an electron microscope and somehow adapted it to scan a whole brain instead. Electron microscopes have been used for other things, but I don’t think they’ve been used for scanning living brains. Just an example!

Yes, that’s how it is where I’m from. In the US you can major in English and still get into med school. I had an endocrinologist who was in this position.

Well, you use tools, and while you need to interpret data, you don’t need to perform calculus operations on it yourself.

I bet. I’m trying not to say what it is that I want to do because that’s what I was told to not do by others for sake of plagiarism or whatever.

Then length of paper must be several pages? And it has to be very in depth? I still have no idea what the advice is. Or is it that I shouldn’t study in Taiwan? Lol


I meant my research idea’s methods are like this, but they aren’t on the topic of magnets.

You know, I was thinking of something else, but NTU’s department for this thing (e.g., climatology) is top notch. Because of my family, they’re all pushing me basically to only get into NTU. If I don’t, I’ll have to consider other universities.