Math Teacher wants help creating an English name for a unit based on this pun:大藝數家

A math teacher is creating a unit trying to promote the fact that math is more than just calculations.
He will be focusing on the practical and artist real world aspects of math such as origami, kite making and other projects that use real math.
He took the well known Chinese phrase 大艺术
(great artist)
and punned it up to 大藝數家 which seems to play well in Chinese.
But like everything else in Academia, if there’s no catchy English title, it is not complete.
One suggestion was “Math Artist” but my feeling is that more likely describes a person who is very proficient at math like a math wizard and not a person who shows the art of math or the math in art.
Does anybody have the suggestion that can help? Thank you very much.

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Doesn’t describe the person, but the unit, however:-

Expressive Mathematics?
Creation through Maths?
Paint by Numbers?


  1. (Topo)logical [expressing the idea of a physical item/end-product having sides/top/bottom + logic of math

  2. Geome(try it!) [expressing the idea of geometry + hands-on participation]

  3. Tangible Angles [expressing the idea of something physical + a common element of geometry/math]



Reminded me of this quote:

“Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas.”
— Albert Einstein


How about: Not starving.

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I like Math Wizard. It may sound fun to non native English speakers.


Monet Math, Mathcasso, Math Van Gogh…

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The Art of Math

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Thank you for your suggestions so far.
I guess that translating puns directly is almost impossible so the best we can do is come up with our own title or pun to fit the spirit of the activity.
It’s kind of funny that everything requires an English title here to seem complete but that’s my observation.
I think I’ll put Chinese tag lines on stuff I write in English and see what reactions I get.
Anyway, thanks again for your help. I’ll keep checking back.



Poly Math.


Might not work for a course title, but as a logo, an integral sign with Art on top and Math on the bottom would be cool, to indicate the integration of math into art. Or maybe Art goes on the bottom. I am bad at math.

Or Art Mathsters

Or math smArts

Math artist?
Artist math?
Math creator?
Creator math?

The Arithmetist. Like The Artist (the movie). The Chinese translation is 大藝術家.

Or The Arithmancist if he likes Harry Potter.

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but so hard for Chinese speakers to pronounce! Oh, you sneaky devil!

Or if he wants he can always just call it Marth.

Math Damon.


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mathtro (vs, maestro)