Matrix Reloaded (spoilers)

I’ve been waiting for this one, but now that it’s here I’m not too eager to see it. I know I will be disappointed. The big thing about the first Matrix was that it was new and unexpected. I don’t like long fight sequences or chase scenes.

Is there going to be crowds or are people scared of SARS?

How did Cypher get ‘jacked in’ in the first movie in order to meet agent Smith? If he did it by himself I guess it would be called ‘jacking off’. My theory is that Dozier did it.

Another great Canoe Reeves movie.

Went to the premier last night and was shocked at the crowds of people, masked and unmasked, waiting to get ticketed. First 3 shows SOLD OUT. Had to go to the 10pm show.

I am a skeptic of sequels, but I loved the first so much I had to go.

The NY Times was dead-on with the ‘visciously elegant’ fighting/action scenes. Awsome.

As for the story, most of what happens in this one happened in the first. Near the end there’s some new twists, but I would have liked them a little sooner. Jada Pinket-Smith and her glasses got on my nerves, and there were a few scenes that went NOWHERE. But, Keano kept the lines to a minimum (plus) and the action was fabulous. I guess I shouldn’t go into too many details or I’ll ruin it for others.

Overall, it was worth the money and the crowds.
Thumbs up…kinda

thought is started off kinda slow…a little more editing? then picked up near the end with some interesting twists. fight scenes were good although i hope they keep the digitizing to a minimum (could get too lucasy).
who was the clothes designer? you would think:

  • in the real world, all zion citizens are hippies, alternative religion believers, mixed couples, and mosh pit fans.
  • in the matrix, anyone wearing cool clothes and even cooler sunglasses must be zion rebels.

Still an enjoyable flic. lacked the mystery and newness of the 1st which i liked about it (but it’s a sequel, so tough to keep that up)

Since when normal humans like trinity or morpheus are able to fight with agents (upgraded!)??

The matrix world is supposed to be in the 80’s. The Ducati 996 was released last year.
And so on…

Fans can be a little disappointed, other can enjoy.

[quote=“Taurus”]Since when normal humans like trinity or morpheus are able to fight with agents (upgraded!)??

The matrix world is supposed to be in the 80’s. The Ducati 996 was released last year.
And so on…

Fans can be a little disappointed, other can enjoy.[/quote]

I think the matrix world is supposed to be whatever year it is when the movie comes out.

Saw it yesterday. It had enough plot twists to keep me surprised. Don’t think the movie could stand on its own. It’s more of an installment. I will await the conclusion with muted anticipation.

I was expecting to see a T3 trailer but they didn’t show it.

Some of the scenes made me want the machines to win. But, I left the theater happy and looked forward to seeing the next one (revolutions?)

The story was utter crap, imnsho. The effects were great, as were the outfits. The martial arts scenes were pretty mechanical overall, but still kinda nifty, I guess.

I got bored by the story, fell asleep. Woke up later to see if it was any better. I went back to sleep.

Utter and complete crap. I went out for a half-hour wander in the middle. And then it ends suddenly and the entire cinema goes “?!”.

If you’re over 13 years of age - don’t bother.

(and another thing - since when did a Duke have a problem outrunning police cars?)

So its true? The only notable aspect of the film is Laurence Fishbourne’s coat?

It sure is a nice coat, though.

[quote=“sandman”]So its true? The only notable aspect of the film is Laurence Fishbourne’s coat?

It sure is a nice coat, though.[/quote]

And his sunglasses. How do they stay glued to his nose ?

I thought it’d be more economical for anyone wanting to watch the Matrizzzzzzz to wait for the video game as I’m sure they’ll be incentivizing using a Nemo figurine. Then they can play to their hearts’ content.

This thread, like the movie, is only good for one thing: a good slagging.

I went to see it with Iris, Rascal, Roseha, and matthewh…I walked out of the theatre trying to remember what happened in the movie, but I drew a blank…I am beginning to remember a little bit more about it. I guess it was good, but unlike X-Men, I realized that I was watching a movie and never really got hooked into it. Plus, I didn’t forget the details of X-Men like I did with this one. Not too bad, but damn those slow motion fight scenes got on my nerves.

That completely superfluous dance/sex scene made me feel like walking out of a movie for the very first time. :? As to the rest, I’ve seen worse I guess. I don’t remember anything about the storyline of the first movie, and I suppose it will be the same for this one in a short while apart from the fact maybe that the chasing and fighting scenes almost made me bite into Rascals arm :blush: :blush:

Oh, and Neo taking off his sunglasses, I liked that :blush: :blush: :blush:


What was the bit with the Frenchman all about ? Or the bit with the guy with the white beard ? Or the japanese guy ? Come to think of it, What was any of it about ? :?
Is this a ploy to make me go to see it again in the hope I understand it ? Or was is just a bit late for me ?

It was groovy fun.

Zion was a bit shite, but the rest was good.

I kind of liek the idea that ‘Zion’ etc is an ‘ubermatrix’ designed to deal with the rebellious minority who reject the matirx, but this will only work if they pull it off properly.

Anyone ever read ‘Today we choose faces’ by Zelazny? Now that would be an interesting way of finishing the Matrix. The humans blotted out the sun and destroyed the earth, now a certain bunch of ‘evolved computers’ are looking after the humans while they fix the earth up for them. They need the ‘rebels’ too, so Zion is another layer of virtual reality designed to foster these guys (who will eventually lead the rest of the humans back to the world that the robots have cleaned up for them).


Zelazny was a great writer…but I’ve always liked “Jack of Shadows”. But when you consider what’s going on in Taiwan with SARS, maybe his “To Die in Italbar” is more apropos. … 43445368-0

Yeah, I have to say that that 10 min music video in the middle of the movie… man, if that wasn’t a sign that they had no script to work with, I don’t what is.

It was almost as bad as the acting in Laurence Fishburne’s speech right before it. Terrible. If Mr. Fishburne keeps this up, he’s so going to find himself on this thread.

This one might rank up there with the all-time worst sequels ever. Too bad.

What made the original Matrix mildly compelling was the Judeo-Christian mythology theme, although sophomiric, this aspect melded well with the plot and fight scenes.

Although I haven’t seen the sequel, I’d venture to say from the responses here that the brothers Warshawski have just boiled-down “The One” theme, used more CGI, and added extra fights scenes, making the movie uninteresting and downright awful.