Matrix Reloaded (spoilers)

Oh man! I forgot about the nipples music video scene…the Zion rave party. What the fudge was up with that? It reminded me all too much of that one scene in Monster’s Ball when Halle and BBT are…dear lord, I feel dirty already. It was an unnecessary scene I think designed to help motivate young teenage boys to sneak in to see this movie…could they have flashed any more nipples?

Oh, and watch the fight scene when Neo first reenters the Matrix…lots of continuity mistakes there with the cans and bowls that get kicked and then reappear and disappear between shots.


Halle was hardly just flashing her nipples. That said, I too found that scene uncomfortable. But I think it added to our feeling of the incongruity of their relationship.

I’m still out to lunch on The Monster’s Ball. I like all three actors and can’t help feeling that it was an attempt at something much bigger than the usual shite that gets excreted from Hollywood.

[quote=“matthewh”]What was the bit with the Frenchman all about ? Or the bit with the guy with the white beard ? Or the japanese guy ? Come to think of it, What was any of it about ? :?
Is this a ploy to make me go to see it again in the hope I understand it ? Or was is just a bit late for me ?[/quote]

The guy with the white beard looked like James Coburn. The Japanese guy looked like a Chinese guy. These guys go together and I think I understood that part.

The part with the Frenchman and the part with Agent Smith were not as easy and I think they will be explained in the last part. The Frenchman said some funny stuff that I didn’t understand, but the people reading the subtitles got a good laugh out of it.

The part with the girl and the cake was in homage to the manga roots of the film. Very much like cartoon porn.

What made the original Matrix mildly compelling was the Judeo-Christian mythology theme, although sophomoric, this aspect melded well with the plot and fight scenes. [/quote]

If I wanted Judeo-Christian mythology, I’ll watch the Ten Commandments (which all that zion business in the movie brings to mind and is, frankly, more interesting).

One more thing that was sorely lacking in the development department, among many others, was the whole relationship between carrie anne moss and “supergod neo”, keanu reeves. Clearly, we were supposed to believe that their love for each other is uber-worldly based on the fact that they tried to have sex any time they were alone in the movie. Wow, how transcendental. Considering that seemed pretty important later on, I think the makers of this movie forgot that the audience might need more than a few gratuitous sex scenes to compel the audience into NOT wishing that they be ripped apart by one of those sentinel do-hickies.

My sincere hope is that the last part of this trilogy leaves out much of the pseudo-philosophizing and characters with titles such as THE ARCHITECT :unamused: because it is going to take a helluvalot of fixin’ for this storyline to get back on some semblance of a track.

“Crouching Keanu, hidden storyline” might be a better title.

Some great special effects & also some tired chinese style flying kung fu sequences. Should be 30- 45 minutes shorter.

I thought Keanu’s squeeze looked a bit rough in this episode.

I dont even remember “the frenchman” mentioned above which I guess indicates my mind was wandering .

Best part was the very life like 10 full sized agent Smith wax works
they have at Warner village. Take your camera.

As a fan of “The Matrix” I was really looking forward to this one and haven’t read any specific reviews before, though I did hear that most were not favorable. That said I must agree - first of all this movie makes no sense unless you have seen “The Matrix” and the story line was poor, had the feeling they just had to find some way to jump from one action scene to the next. Those were admitedly (sp?) good, but some we had basically seen before (the dojo scene for example). While “The Matrix” introduced ‘bullet time’, something new and exciting “Matrix Reloaded” couldn’t come up with anything remotely impressive and some of the CGI looked as bad as in Star Wars Episode 2.
Unless “Matrix Revolutions” will turn out to be a kick-ass movie and better part 1 and 2 this movie will not find it’s way into my DVD collection.

Since I have seen also “X2” in the meantime I recommend that one, a worthy sequel and in comparision to “Matrix Reloaded” the better movie.
(But again you should have seen the first one to understand what’s going on!)

I don’t understand this mentality. Good or bad, you paid for the experience and now, not having seen the whole film, you cannot comment on it intellegently.

Dancing in Zion segment…huh? Who cares?
Music during fight scenes was like a looped Mario Brothers sound effect.
Hand-to-hand martial arts was mostly lame, considering they are supposed to be ultra-human.
Neo has already seen the Architect five times? No one knows about this? What drugs did I fail to take to allow me to understand what the hell this means?
Cool effects, of course.
Interesting car chase…hard to make a good one these days with everything that has been done in the past.

I think the reason why I couldn’t remember more of the movie was because at some scenes my popcorn was more thrilling.

It would have been better if they had a live animation Scooby Doo helping them…


I thought the movie was great. Only the ending was a dissapointment. I think the producers are trying to build more of a female fan base!
You guys didnt like the rave/sex scene?
I thought the fighting was great.
I wont pay to see this movie again but I do not regret the money I spent!
I stand alone.

XMen was better though. Dark wasn’t it?

Someone please explain to me how Neo could have already seen the Architect five times before.

Somebody please explain why this film is even worth discussing.

Not the same Neo. Choosing that door things will be “reset”, i.e. Zion will have to be built up again and later they will find Neo, who will meet the Oracle which leads him to the Architect, where he will face the same choice again. They expect that he will choose that door over the one which would mean the destruction of the machines and the humans. Easy, really … :wink:

But the human Neo “controls” a single entity in the Matrix. He is conscious of being in the Matrix when he comes out and, therefore, would know if he was in the Matrix before. You cannot “reset” a human mind.
Not so easy, eh?


The Architect (they let it slip with the names there) tells Neo (and Neo believes him) that ‘The One’ is an anomaly in the system. Previous versions of the matrix crashed because they were ‘too perfect’ being designed by the architect. They didn’t allow for the imperfections and unpredictability of human emotion. The ‘Mother of the Matrix’ (presumably The Oracle) came up with the solution. The anomaly is allowed to arise in the form of ‘The Prophecy’, ‘Zion’ and ‘The One’. This has happened 5 times before. Each time ‘The One’ is told that in order to stop the Matrix crashing and thus destroying all of humanity he has to allow the desturction of all but a few handpicked members of Zion so that the cycle can be restarted. Neo, has not done this before, but the previous ‘Ones’ did. Neo is just the latest ‘One’. The Merovingian (French guy) might have been an earlier one. Of course this might be a trick. It has also been suggested that Zion is a Matrix inside the Matrix working as a safety valve to deal with the rebellious .1%.


My theory is that in part three we will find that the whole planet is being ruled by damn dirty apes.

Didn’t read this thread before due to spoilers, but sure wish I had. Here’s more spoilers that I’m writing now before I forget the entire film, it was that memorable.

Oh, and it’s such a contrast watching this after having spent the past several months engrossed in classics where the dialogue, plot, and acting are what matters and special effects are, well, nonexistent.

I liked:
Neo’s priest coat (isnt that what it was? why? is there some significance to this?)
Trinity–she’s ubercool, IMO. Beautiful and androgynous. God, why did I use ‘uber’ just then?
Those freaky blonde German viruses with the white dreds.
The Oracle, but what was with all the moles? Was that natural or for effect?
Neo’s line of buttons down his spine. Cute!
The industrial clunkiness of Zion. Although bleak, the design of it was well done.
The Frenchman’s wife’s rubbery white outfit with the butt padding and bustier top.
Trinity’s shades.

I must remember NOT to go to Warner for any more long films. I’d forgotten that since ‘LOTR-TT’ until my bum reminded me this evening.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed this film mainly because I take guilty pleasure in fantacising about Keanu Reeves. Who cares if he can’t act. I’d rather just watch him twirling about with that priest coat on.


Big problem with that.
The human Neo is the same form as his matrix counterpart (they both look like Keanu). The idea that he is just the latest is interesting until you recall that when Neo is facing the Architect, he sees ‘himself’ being played on screens during past, similar meetings. The French guy could not have been a previous ‘one’ as he was not shown.
The dichotomy of the real Neo and his matrix representation does not allow for muliple appearances without memory, given that the humans all ‘return’ from the matrix with complete memories of what happened.
Also, different humans could not all take the form of Neo in the matrix to explain the five similar figures shown with the Architect. All humans are represented in the matrix as themselves.

Could they be clones ? How would people not ‘born in the real world’ reproduce ? Would cloning be the easiest way for the machines to make more people ?

You mean the one where Halle and BBT are doggie stylin on his living room floor? That scene had me reaching for my rewind button …

[quote=“Earlier I”]I think the reason why I couldn’t remember more of the movie was because at some scenes my popcorn was more thrilling.

It would have been better if they had a live animation Scooby Doo helping them…


May I add that in reprising his role as “Ted” Theodore Logan, Keanu would make an excellent Shaggy. He might be able to play Fred to Carrie Anne Moss’ Daphne…maybe Morpheus could be Shaggy and Scooby could turn out to be the Oracle. And no f**king Scrappy either.

Trinity: They are going to reach Zion in only 72 more hours!
Scooby: Rut roh.