Mattress store in Taichung?

Is there a shop in Taichung that sells mattresses? Not the bulky kind.

Non-bulky mattress? Not too sure what you mean by this except a futon…

There are a lot of furniture stores on Daya Rd, from about Chungming Rd all the way up past Wenhsin Rd. and out toward the freeway in Sueinan. They all have mattresses and many will have futons.

Here is a place:

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Sorry, that link didn’t work. I don’t know how to edit. I will try again. … 02,0,3.83

We had our mattress custom-made at a small factory in the West District. Laoban’s prices are reasonable and his raw materials, some sourced from the US, looked clean, new and in good condition. The price was reasonable and the mattress delivered in a week.

PM me for details.