Maximum number of scooter passengers

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I plan to get a scooter and would like to make it a ‘family car’, if you will (We’re only 3 in the family). I have been asking my local Taiwanese friends on the maximum number of scooter passengers and I can’t seem to get a direct answer and I can’t seem to find a regulation on the maximum number of passengers in a scooter. Appreciate if you can enlighten me on this. Thank you!


I’m pretty sure it’s 2 adults… I mean they’re not designed to have more than 2 on a scooter, some I would even say can’t carry more than one person (due to lack of power).

But I’ve seen people put like 5 people on a scooter. 3 adults and 2 children.



and the dog, dont forget it:smiley:

I’m sure you can get the whole family on there if you try :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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so the maximum number of passengers in a scooter has nothing to do with road safety and more to do with the scooter’s capacity, looks like :slight_smile:




Unfortunately, no… I’m not even sure laws exist that says how many can be on a scooter at once, but I know they’re designed for 2 at most.

I’ve seen people carry all kinds of heavy stuff on a scooter, like for example they drag a dolly behind a scooter to carry large fridge (no kidding)!

Fify 2 maximun by law…dangerous enough anyway


that’s kinda little condescending, don’t you think?

sorry , I presumed you cared about the safety of your family. I apologize.
Seen too many accidents , over too many years to think anyone would consider doing it …it’s so unfair on the kids :neutral_face:


Ate you implying there’s some correlation between the number of passengers and the likelihood of an accident?
What’s your resource on that?

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I get all my data from the raccoon boys :smirk:

no offense taken from my side, it’s more for the locals on the pictures in this thread, i mean i respect them for what they do regardless if it’s dangerous from our perspective or totally normal from their perspective. But yes, safety wise, it’s questionable, so anyway, i would probably just go by 2s on the scooter.

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My apologies for being brusque but it’s very dangerous … much harder to control with 3 people on board and other road users are oblivious …guess after seeing a friend lose his life at 10 mph … kind of makes you realize :pensive:

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Good luck! :four_leaf_clover:

And bookmark this thread:

everything’s cool, and sorry for your loss. :+1:

Plus a gas cylinder.

It’s just a question of careful loading