Maximum number of scooter passengers

Far be it for us to criticize locals for dangerous scooter behaviours. In 30 years I’ve lost friends in drunk-driving scooter accidents, had friends become virtual vegetables in drunk-driving scooter accidents, and virtually have no friends who haven’t been busted for driving over the limit at some point.


Remember that one fucking guy who married his fucking scooter???

Fucking Australians, man, I swear.

To be fair she was a good ride. :rofl:

Sorry for your loss, but I think you missed a ‘0’ there, no? 10mph?!

Don’t you worry about something happening? Cramming a family on a single scooter may not be illegal, but it is dangerous.

EDIT: I see others were more direct than me. Good. Dealing with a little online condescension is better than dealing with a lifetime of grief and regret because you wanted to turn your scooter into a clown car.


i agree. the kids are usually not wearing helmets when crammed on the scooter this way either.
everytime i see it i just think get a car, or don’t bother.


2 PEOPLE, please don’t be like the people I see everyday riding with one little kid on standing on front and one on the back both not wearing a helmet.

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I’ve seen seven, but you had to look. The baby was mushed in there.

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So you’re against people going to work and shopping?

Let me clarify. I’m personally against using scooters, but understand their need in this country. But I don’t think more than 2 adults should ever be on one scooter.

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You would not have lasted long in Taichung in the 90s. Three on each going to beach. That’s how you made friends…and lost girlfriends sandwiched between whitebread.

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Well… thank god I wasn’t here in the 90s then. :man_shrugging:

2 is the limit. After the horrific death a few years back the news reported on the fact taiwan technically doesnt have legally approved helmets for kids under 6.

I have also lost feiends on scooters. Students have died or gotten seriously injured. Everyone in my family has a story from a time back when shit happened. Fact is a scooter and a child is bad news in case of accident. I have a hard rule for my family that my daughter isnt allowed on one, no exceptions. I know cars are expensive to keep and maintain, but so are bodies if injured. Nevermind the insane depression and sadness.

It happens a lot. Despite Taiwanese people always trying to avoid the discussion of getting injured or killed, it is our responsibility to think and prevent easily preventable situations. To the point the mpney on cram schools would be more wisely spent on a car (unless you like in taipei/kaohsioung with good public transport)


I think there might be room for one or two more.

some taiwanese also believe that they don’t need to use deodorant because they had a shower before bed the day before. anyone who has ridden the subway in the summer time here knows this doesn’t work out cus there are lots of people who stink worse than the stinky tofu stall in the night market.
lots of stuff here is not actually ok and just because its the all powerful taiwanese culture does not work for me as an excuse.


In this heat, that’s easily 8 hours of cooking on the gril-I mean bed.


Its not about right or wrong. Or about Taiwanese. Its about helmets on scooters, even kids on scooters, being a legal thing justifiable for government intervention. Stinky pits do not qualify as requiring government to make laws onduration between showers :wink: i agree with you it “affects” us. But its not a legal matter and never should be.

Ps. Why are people talking about giing back home? Thats the worst way to have a debate/conversation. People stink back home too. In most posters homes there are probably some dumb traffic laws as well that could be changed. The attitude some folks have of deal with it or get is pretty ahort sighted and unwelcoming. Especially from foreigners. Its like mexicans promoting the wall…wtf?

We are here, paying taxes and part of the society. Full rights to discuss publicly as far as im concerned.

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it’s already solved, so I think we can talk on anything.


what i got from it is on safety perspective, 2 is the max passenger. From traffic regulations perspective there’s no regulation for how many. So yeah, i think it’s clear to me

please use Google translator or something, if you don’t read Chinese. The regulation says the maximum is 2.


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