Maximum Study time at Language School?

Dear All

I was wondering whether anyone could help me, I have been studying Chinese for a year and a half at various language schools and at the same time obtaining my extendable visitors visa, I am told that this type of visa is limited to 18 months and as such I cant do another visa run. Is this so??? Has anybody studies at a language school longer than 18 months?? I was told by the Korean based taiwan Rep office, that since last July a new regulation was enforced stating that this type of visa sponsorship is for a maximum of a year and a half. As I must leave at the end of this month I was hoping to find a solution. I would love to join a Uni course but I dont have my transcripts and I wont get them in time if I need them;(((
Any help would be greatly appreciated

Are you absolutely sure it is 1.5 years? A friend of mine has the exact same problem as she was told the cut-off was 2 years.

Just talked to the Hong Kong office and she says it is 2 years for those who werent informed about the new rules on their last visa run. I went to Korea on my last run and they didnt tell me anything, the lady in HK asked if I wentto HK for my last run as I said “no”, she said I had one more chance for the extendable visa, from this I am not sure that her meaning is "If I had done a visa run to HK last time I would have been informed then and as such would have already reached my limit???
It sounds a bit wierd, I suggest your friend calls them on 009 852 2525 8315 It may all depend on where kyou did your last visa run go figure;(

Cut-off is two years, as per: a) Respected English Secretary of Shi-da MTC, and b) Chinese newspaper article I read last month.

There is, however, a very new, very interesting wrinkle about work rights – students can now apparently get the right to work, inquire at the CLA on Yenping N. Road…I’m not sure if it applies to language school students or not but it just might. This goes for both “overseas Chinese students” and “foreign students”. The permits have been issued for just 2 days. I was up at the CLA today but forgot to inquire about this (unfortunately crucial! :blush: ) distinction…

2 Years and then out of here…?
Is that what I’m hearing?
What I was told before I went on my last visa run (2 weeks ago to BKK) was that they might test your Chinese skills…
If you know nothing they probably won’t give you an extendable visa, but if you understand & speak Chinese well you are free to continue…
This was supposed to be a road block for illegal workers that never attended a single class…
Well, they didn’t test me at all (maybe only the HK office I thought)…

But now this!?
That means that I’m already overstaying! Informed or not…
So what can I do now…?

Get a job? :unamused: A work visa has many advantages, including accruing time toward an eventual PARC if you want to stay long-term…(or perhaps time off Purgatory if you happen to be Catholic, depending on which school you end up at!)

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LOL :laughing:

Ah, but I am informed that there has been another last-minute change affecting work visas in Taiwan. According to a PM I just received, the Catholic Church no longer has Purgatory as part of its dogma. I am certain that the number of work visas will drop precipitiously when word of this gets out. No wonder we have not seen the news in the Chinese press yet. I’m sure the gov’t would love to keep THIS one under wraps… :laughing:

All that wasted effort and wasted time in judging English contests, suffering through insufferable marriages, being nice to strangers who want to practice English with you on the street, not punching out helpful neighbors who always say the most obvious thing ("'S’raining out.") etc. etc…lost, lost, gone forever. And for what? Good for good’s sake?? :unamused: