May 31st Press Conference: USA - Taiwan - China Relations

Press Conference – “USA - Taiwan - China Relations” – May 31st in Taipei

National Assembly Member Dr. Roger C. S. Lin has uncovered the essential historical & legal problem in the China - Taiwan - USA triangular relationship. He is maintaining that this involves an essential issue of international law where the USA has actually failed to uphold its treaty obligations . . . . .

He is coordinating with several other National Assembly Members and issuing a straightforwardly worded letter to President Bush, Secretary Rice, and Secretary Rumsfeld.

The letter will be formally released at the Press Conference on May 31st in Taipei, but the content is already posted on the internet.

Please tell all of your friends in the media in Taipei to attend this Press Conference.

Full details are available at:
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Thank you.

Of all possible outcomes from pursuing this course of legal action that Mr. Hartzell seems to be obsessed with, I don’t see any positive ones for the people of Taiwan.

If the US courts reject the idea, we are no better off than now. The court could even “clarify” by calling this a matter for the the “Chinese People” to decide.

If the US courts decide in favor of this analysis, then the US is forced to choose between a war with China and formally giving China what (according to the US) has been a part of it all along. A US administration would almost certainly hand Taiwan’s sovereignty over to China, or announce its intentions to do so.

If there is some other positive outcome (with any real chance of success), please let me know.

I can save you the cost of the stamp if you really want the answers.
Question 1: Why did no responsible officials in the US administration, including President Truman, Secretary of State Byrnes, or General MacArthur make any
forceful pronouncements to correct this statement of the Chiang Kai-shek regime?
Answer: Peanut was our man (back then) and the statement did reflect the reality of the deal which was Taiwan was Peanuts to do with as he pleased as long as he:
a. kept the commies out
b. toed the American line on things (such as staying out of the Korean War and not building nukes and keeping them cheap assed Christmas tree lights coming.).

Question 2: did the United States government not demand that the Chiang Kai-skek regime leave Taiwan or completely disband at that time, or certainly within some reasonable time period such as ninety days?
Answer: the American government of the time viewed Taiwan as a spoil of war and gave it to Peanut simply as a shallow way to say thanks for his questionable help in WW-2; plus they (the Americans) were thinking that Taiwan might be useful in some future series of events and having a toady like Peanut keep the place commie free is just the ticket. Taiwan did prove somewhat useful in the Korean War and to a lesser extent in Vietnam. After Taiwan and the KMT outlived their usefulness they were tossed. It is basic politics.

Question 3: If Secretary Powell’s statement is true, and the Republic of China on Taiwan is not holding Taiwan’s sovereignty, then what country is?
Answer: the Peoples Republic of China

Of course I realize this is really a publicity stunt for Roger Lin. The previous poster is right, shit like this does nothing to further Taiwan

Did anyone get a chance to attend the the press conference? Many members of the press present or mostly TIP and Taiwan Defense Alliance supporters?

One thing I’m interested in: Why does Mr. Lin think it is appropriate to arrange a press conference on the 2nd day of the newly formed National Assembly? Shouldn’t he, perhaps, be doing his job as his parties only National Assembly member? People turned out in their thousands to vote for his party (literally - they got nearly 0.3% of the vote … a damn fine acheivement), and I’m sure they expected him to represent their interests. Instead, he’s bunking off work on his 2nd day in his new job.

Is he claiming his full salary and expenses for the NA? I’ve heard that each member is getting several hundred thousand NT for doing pretty close to bugger all - so the least he could do is turn up.

I realise that the job of a National Assembly member could be done more reliably, efficiently and cheaply by a trained monkey, but it still pisses me off when a politician decides he’s got better things to do while spending my tax dollars than his constitutional duty :fume:

I do not understand what you are saying.

The National Assembly does not meet every day. As it happened, it was in session on May 30th, but not on May 31st.

Oh. Apologies then. Everything I’ve read in the press implied that Tuesday was a full day - and given all the chat beforehand of possibly wrapping the whole thing up in a day or two, I’m surprised they had planned for the day after the opening to be a rest day. I guess all those members were pretty bushed after a tiring opening day though.