Maya Pizza Tianmu

Thin crust pizza lovers rejoice!

#17, Lane 91 Shidong Road. 02-2876-1562. Just a block west of the Starbucks at the kitty corner of Dayeh Takashimaya.

I walk by this place all the time, but they don’t open till 4 PM and there’s no phone number on their signage. I had to google their number and address.

Finally got to try their pizza at a recent party. It was great. They come in 12" and range from 200-220 NT. I polished off a whole vegie with onions, olives, and green peppers. Also had a margherita, which the kids liked (kids just want plain pizza). Not a lot of sauce, not covered with cheese, crust was crispy (not doughy like Pizza Hut - did not like). They might have very little seating, but it’s more a take home place. They delivered to the party, so they do deliver.

I’m going to order from them more and see if they’re consistent.

Passed by that once and wanted to try it. Will next time!

I cant recommend this place anymore, unfortunately. We would love to support small local businesses run by hard working guys, but the pizzas are just not good anymore. The crust is terrible. I cant describe it. Ordered delivery twice since the last post and both times were bad. Well, bad pizza is still pizza, but the final time we ordered six pies, only ate three. The other three sat in the fridge for a long time. Ended up finishing them up, but with lots of condiments.