Maybe a little help from the media?


I couldn’t help but noticing there are so many people sharing their unpleasant experiences teaching English in Taiwan.
I was wondering if anyone would like to stand out and help to uncover those questionable teaching institutions.
I am a TV reporter from Formosa TV and please feel free to give any information. (solid case, please)
I know how people think of reporters here in Taiwan. I’m not proud of myself either. But we’d try our best to do it right. Your sharing of information is very much appreciated. Hopefully, with our coverage, we can at least do something right.
My e-mail: that’s SYL in lower cases…

Of course, it doesn’t have to be teaching related… anything you think might be worth reporting…


Here is something you can look into.

[url]Maid may be deported for illness

That is probably more newsworthy than many FOB sob-stories from unfairly threated teachers.

Nothing against teachers, but very few get this kind of shitty threatment.

Do a broad story on how foreigners are treated in general. You could troll these forums for good story ideas. Taiwanese are under the impression that we have it easy which isn’t the case. I wouldn’t be surprised if you aren’t the only reporter looking in on Yet nothing is said in a positive light. From our charity works cleaning up beaches to the unfair portrayal of the majority being low life scum. Racism. I think that Taiwan is afraid to adress these issues. They’re content with their bubble.

Law. That’s another thing. How unclear the law is for locals and foreigner alike. For the most part, foreigners come from a society where laws are clear and concise. Here it’s all left in the wind which include how powerful your Quanxi is and how much money you have in your pocket. The ease of influencing officials through ‘face’ and finger pointing.

I’d love to see a segment on how HORRIBLY INCONSISTENT the laws are here for foreign teachers. Actually, more than that, it bothers me how INCONSISTENTLY they are enforced. The sticky in the Work Forum would be the perfect place for you to start on this. The deportations that went on towards the end of last year were unbelievable.

Anyway, I think you could do a GREAT segment on how ridiculously unorganized the government is when dealing with Buxibans and foreign teachers. I’d be happy to give you a lot more information on this, if you PM me. Just a small example: If you call the MOE and CLA, you will get two totally different answers. No one knows anything in the government.
That’s why so often there will be a person who comes onto Forumosa and says, “The FAP (or someone else in the government) told me…etc…”

All of us veterans need to immediately tell that person that what the Gov. says isn’t always true. Quite frankly, it’s embarrassing to Taiwan. It’s a great country, but they need to overhaul this system and just apply the laws more consistently (and change a few). It doesn’t affect most teachers, but when it does… it is horrendous.

Also access to money.
I earn money legally from the ROC government, I pay 20% tax on it to the ROC government (because I am not in Taiwan) and I can’t get my money out of the bank after March 1 because I am not in Taiwan to get a new ATM card – when my old one works perfectly well?
This is ridiculous. I’m not the only one in this situation either.

Yes, I have to agree with this one. There are many scumbags pretending to be (whatever) they can, but there are also far more of us who live and like this place. If I had a dollar for everytime I was screamed at while picking up trash in the mountains or clearing the trails after the typhoons I would be riding a newer bike.
My favorite line that seems to justify any racist action by a local is “you are not a Taiwanese, you have no right!”
We are here and yes we generally get paid quite well for whatever we do but as far as I am concerned that high rate of pay is compensation for all the shit we have to deal with.
However the high pay rate justs feeds the hate and the whole thing just recycles itself.

I have a dream that some day I can call two different Government offices and get the same answer to the same question.

Here’s one for you.

Boss from Airbase can’t keep his peter in his pants.
Girl gets pregnant.
Boss pays for abortion.
Co-workers wife is nurse at clinic, finds out and tells co-worker.
Nine people get fired and/or reassinged outside of Taiwan, so that noone will gossip about the Boss.
Bosses wife finds out anyway.

Way to go Jack.