Maybe he will be funny again

Let’s face it – since he settled down and had kids and stopped being one of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelors – Eddie Murphy has made a string of mediocre movies.

While I hate to see anyone get divorced – perhaps this will make him funny again.

Eddie – we hope you return to the “Raw” days.

Eddie Murphy has been funny rather than just obnoxious. When? The best role he has ever done was playing a cartoon donkey.

I’ve never understood his ‘comedian’ status but I don’t find Steve Martin or Woody Allen movies or even Jerry Seinfield funny either. I guess what and who others find funny isn’t always funny to me and vice versa.

Old school Eddie is the hotness. New school Eddie is hot too, just because I read a quote from him when asked why his new school stuff isn’t so funny he replied something like “I’ve made XX million dollars, I don’t do shit but make babies and chill.” :laughing:

That’s what I’m talking about. Plus, after you have kids maybe you feel a little different about the stuff they’re gonna see you in, especially when they get old enough to ask you what a “Royal Penis” is.

Seinfeld, Woody Allen, Steve Martin


Woody’s movies are insanely funny, Jerry’s TV show was brilliant, and Steve’s career is remarkably solid…

i am shocked to see you pan 3 of the most successful/solid performers of our time.

to each his own…

Personally, I think Eddie sucks these days with all these Disney movies he’s been making. And that trademark laugh of his, reeks of the air being let out of the tire…He doen’t seem to have improved on his talents in the years after becoming a married man and father. IMO, the way Hollywood operates, has diminished his talents, but who really knows…I think the best work he has done was in “Holy Man”, where he was allowed to be something other than a updated Sambo, that Hollywood likes from its Black commedians.

His best work was in Shrek, playing an ass instead of the roles he plays in Disney films acting like an ass.

Anyways, Eddie Murphy owes me 99 minutes of my life back for The Haunted Mansion. Yet another steaming pile of celluloid.

And more money in his pocket :laughing: . See, he’s a different kind of funny now. :wink:

I think his Disney films are funny and tasetful, not all 48 Hours-type dick jokes. Daddy Day Care was good and very funny.

He seems to be following Steve Martin’s legacy…going into the family-oriented humor that you would allow your kids to watch unattended.

I like it. :slight_smile:

Stop all the playa hatin. Eddie was funny and continues to be.

Eddie was never as funny as Richard Pryor. Heck, even in 2003, when he was a pathetic old guy dying of MS and long forgotten by the public, Pryor came out with a performance titled, “I ain’t dead yet, motherf**ker.” :laughing: :bravo:

Edit: holy cow, I just discovered that Richard Pryor is still alive. In fact, he’s got a forum going like this where he regularly posts messages and photos (well, semi-regularly, the last post was June 19, and due to his condition his beautiful wife actually types the messages for him) and anyone can post replies to him if they wish.

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Cill my landlord, Cill my landlord
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IMO the same thing can be said about LOTS of guys.