Mayer Ko Wen Je in rap music video

Do the right thing! Do things right!

I want to die a little bit

That’s almost as bad as Beto fans videos -____-’

Would this even be enjoyable while high?


it’s so bad, i think it would make you regret getting high in the first place.

maybe useful as part of a rehab program?

“Stop doing meth or I’ll show you Ko rap video again!” - “No Senpai, I quit! I promise!”

Don’t be hatin on Ko. He a stone cold playa.



Is ko wen je autistic?

Yes. That’s why he’s so good at his job.


Also artistic apparently


I think he claims to be on the spectrum.

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This was still the most cringe moment of politics and music.

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one


actually I remember I went to a house party once and the mayor of Vancouver was DJings and only playing Bruce springsteen cuts along with his his Chinese “popstar” GFs music.

That was worse.

I don’t know if KWJ is autistic, but I believe he has ADD/ADHD. One of those.

At any rate, he’s definitely a big dork.

He’s on the spectrum according to him. He is a medical doctor and one of the best in Taiwan in his field so I feel like he wouldn’t lie about that.

He’s clearly a OG. Quit playa hatin’ on my homeboy

I’m glad he’s outspoken about it.

Now if he could do something for special needs students in Taiwan, since they have just about nothin’ in the way of assistive programs and their parents would rather die than admit their child has learning issues, that would be fab…


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I for one really enjoyed it. It seems like he’s willing to not only let the younger generation help him, but he also gives them a lot of creative freedom. I don’t imagine him doing much hand-wringing when he watched this video for final approval. The other “rap” video from another political party, now that is cringy.


kinda cringe but it’s nice to see politicians going outside their comfort zone a bit. the lyrics are pretty meh though, i feel they could have done better with the message.

That was hilarious

This guy is a political rock star, both figuratively & now literally. Perhaps the next President of Taiwan.

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Which one are you referring to, specifically?