Mayor Ko - political rockstar?!?!


There were some plans but nothing was done. Like the Taipei Station roof, they were just money pits for corrupt companies and officials. That is why doing something was already a big thing. Doing something swiftly, efficiently, and that brought benefits not only to the chosen few usual cronies was outstanding.


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None of your peevees bother me at all. I doubt I see any burning of money more than a few times a month, and the cigarette butts is not that bad.

Scooters everywhere is convenient, if everyone didn’t park everywhere I would also have to follow the parking rules


Guy’s a clown. It’s kind of embarrassing for the Mayor of a technically major city to go around looking and acting like he got here on the Special Bus.
Even so, he probably won’t get people killed.

Which, in the present Cheeto Jesus/Papa Doots/Bibi environment (not including Poots and KJI, since they’ve always been there), is saying something.

I doubt very much, though, that he’d ever get to stand for President, since outside The City, he’s pretty much a non-entity, and an essentially Independent one at that.


They are a cancer and also cause cancer


I agree they cause cancer, and they should be electric. But, I prefer that it’s easy to park vs you must use designated parking spots


Are you posting from 1995 again?


Scooter parking is more regulated and enforced than it ever has been.

Find a Western city with more stringent No Smoking regulations than Taipei City, I dare you.

The ghost money, meh, I don’t know why everyone gets so strung out over it, I’ve never seen it when one couldn’t just take a step or two to get away from it.


I dont. It depresses me. Especially in a city with so much excellent public transport. Having ugly disgusting scooters everywhere also takes up space for needed bike lanes. They are a third-worldy polluting deathtraps.


Ko has been saying that there will be a referendum on making all parking spaces in the city paid. If this happens and it passes, could really improve quality of life here


modern popular religions: atheism and environmentalism:grin:

I agree.
People have also been responsible for the flourishing of the planet long before scientific age and environmentalism.

Bear gallbladder is also of important medicinal value.

and burn ancestral graves on tomb sweeping day, nonstop fireworks/firecrackers on everything that has to do that 媽祖, on double 10th day/new year’s eve, burn paper mansions/toilets/Benz in funerals, burn paper boats to send spirits to the next live. what is your proposal?

I haven’t met most ppl on planet Earth; I’ve only met enough people to know human being isn’t all nice and good to begin with.


People said that about you know who. Look where he is now!


There is a documentary about this transformation on YouTube. Search for " reinventing taipei "

Should government leave religions alone?

He also brought through the MRT monthly pass in conjunction with New Taipei, which couldn’t have been easy. It looks like tons of people are using it… I see “periodic ticket” flash on the fare gates all the time when the person in front of me goes through.

But really the number one thing he could (and should) do is to slowly ban gas-powered scooters over a period of years. Here’s what a sample plan could look like:

  • 2019: No change
  • 2020: NT$2000/year charge for owning a gas scooter, big incentives for trading it in for an electric
  • 2021: Charge increases to NT$4000/year
  • 2022: Charge increase to NT$6000/year
  • 2023: Charge increases to NT$8000/year
  • 2024: Outright ban on driving gas scooters in Taipei city limits

There would need to be incentives and additional subsidies for those who are low-income and/or rely on gas scooter for commute. And MRT subsidies for low-income earners would help, too.

They don’t even need to work with New Taipei on this (although they would probably follow with something similar). If you want to commute into Taipei city from New Taipei, then you could not drive your gas scooter. You’d have to buy an electric or take transit.