Mayor Pete Makes The Big Time Thread

The polls that show Buttigieg on the rise also show his support comes almost entirely from white Democrats. He has yet to earn an infusion of support among African American voters, and Castro said Buttigieg’s record is why.

Or not so much his record:

Ah, those wacky southern Democratic bigots.

Buttigieg is the best candidate.

shhhhhhhhhh… the general African-American population frowns upon non-heterosexual relationships

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Go on.

The wider public needs to know. It starts at the flob.

So nobody was Christian until Buttigieg came along, it seems. Nobody knew much about “right and wrong.” Never mind that America has a tradition of not wearing one’s religion on one’s sleeve. Pete’s put that one to bed [again].

And never mind that every president so far has been at least nominally Christian. Even Obama, who’s almost certainly an atheist, paid lip service to Christianity by going to church services, at least when he was in political hot water. President Trump, who’s been embraced by Evangelicals and got a majority of the Catholic vote, too, has certainly been seen at church services, along with much of his family. But now only Pete’s the one who will embody true Christian values; the rest don’t measure up.

Pete the Preacher

Jesus is whatever you want him to be.

Uh…no. African American voters aren’t as monolithic when it comes to voting as the media would have folks believe. IJS

I like the kid but he’ll be out by New Hampshire. Next.

I thought it was good he shut down Beto, what the hell was that guy thinking.

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This is true, yet one cannot dismiss what Clyburn said. Older, souther black Dems will look elsewhere. That’s a lot of votes. :smoker:

Well I’d have to see what “older” demographic he’s talking about. Because this bloc of voters are as diverse as well. Are you talking older than Gen X? Older black women? Eastern Southern voters (Carolinas, etc) or the Bible Belt.

A lot of variables involved when it thinking about generalization being made.

The issue with Buttigieg is not his homosexuality but rather his record with the South Bend black community. It’s poor.

Just watch the video. His words. He says nada about South Bend. Them’s your words. Clyburn says it’s the gay stuff. :idunno:

What video? I missed it.

Very first post.

Yes, sorry I saw it.

Hmmmm. Ok here’s what my take away from it is. Clayburn states right out the gate it’s a generational thing. Which tells me HE doesn’t care for Buttigieg in so many words. He even throws a lil bit of shade by commenting on how his grandson is involved in his campaign as if to imply why would he do that. (tone of his voice. It’s a black thing, you wouldn’t understand​:wink::joy:)

As for him saying Southern voters are absolutely turned off by him being gay, I don’t know. Makes a good sound bite but here’s where we get into the silly season of politics, the ring kissing session.

Seems like Buttigieg has yet to sway Clayburn enough into supporting him. I guess he’ll have meet with those Southern ministers in South Carolina again.

It’s coocoocool.

And I don’t speak in absolutes unless very necessary, which I rarely do. Dude said what he said. It isn’t on me to defend it. :smoker:

Wasn’t expecting you to defend it. Lol. Man is Mercury retrograde showing up today on the Flob. :joy::joy::joy:

I don’t get the cool reference. Have to bring me up to speed on that one.

So…what was the point we’re actually try to get to? :woman_shrugging:t4::woman_shrugging:t4::woman_shrugging:t4: