Mayors and the Godzilla complex

Elsewhere, LOL asked: What is about Taipei mayors that makes them think they are Godzilla?

Shihlin night market is next.

It’s going to be razed and eventually put into a nine-story building on the same site. An indoor night market? Ewww.

Of course, “ewww” might be used to describe the current state of the place. But at least it’s got character, FWIW.

Ma also said he was going to tear down all the little vendor shacks at busstops, but that doesn’t seem to have happened yet.

I live close enough to frequent the Shihlin Night Market and can say that what Mayor Ma is doing follows closely with the profound idiocy of his other attempts to “improve” the city.
Unfortunate for many who have not been here a million years, but some of us remember what Snake Alley was before another mayor “modernized and sanitized” it.
One of the things that makes my enjoy living in Taipei is the street food and the night market ambience. The calls of hawkers, the smells of days’ old cooking fat (yum!), the assortment of cheap goods on pieces of cardboard on the ground, and the throngs of people moving in a slow dance like a thousand players in a theater of cells traveling down an artery of Taiwan life.
Snake Alley retains little of its former glory as a traditional night market. It’s an ersatz replica of the original disinfected of any blemish that might offend the senses or sensibilities of Japanese or other discriminating tourists.
Clearly, there could be renovations made to the Shihlin Night Market, but the sweeping changes that will in effect eliminated the landmark forever are disturbing. I seriously wonder what sorts of minds are at work in the government here?
All I can say is that people should enjoy the Taipei that they have now – soon it will all be memories and photographs.

Ma Ying Jiu pisses me off. My favourite internet cafe has aleready closed - presumably because it was on a road less than 8M wide. Now I’m getting a headache form all the kids playing CS.

PS any good cheap QUIET Internet cafe round the Kuting/Shida area?


Ma Ying Jiu pisses me off. My favourite internet cafe has aleready closed - presumably because it was on a road less than 8M wide.

The Internet cafes will probably be getting a break soon. The central government has drafted regulations that will override Taipei’s laws.

OK, everyone, sing along:
Oh, no! There goes To-ky-o
Go, go, Godzilla!

Or maybe “Another One Bites the Dust.”

Being a German I can tell you we expirienced the same nation problem: one communistic and one western german state until 1991, the nation divided. West and East had a short phase of fighting the other country diplomatically by telling other countries: “if you do take up diplomatic relations to the other German state then you can not be OUR friend”.

Finally we in the West had the following solution which made life easy:

a) there is one nation, but two(!) german states
… it is so easy to seperate nation from “state”

b) we in the West are the “real thing” and speak for all Germans if you ask us formally. For every-day-life see point (a)

c) take up diplomatic or trade relations to both Germanies if you like, your business not ours

Finally, Gorbatchev started to turn a few screws, Soviet Union started to rattle like an ill motor, Ronald Reagan made them spend everything for weapons and yo they broke down and we are one again. Ah yes, USA protected us all those years, seems familiar to me now as I live in Taiwan!

But, Taiwan and Mainland people have to figure out by themselves. Just do not shoot doing so :slight_smile:
Or wait for a man with a spot on the head…

Well, sort of.
After more than two years, the land that was razed (meaning the food court) still stands abandoned. The “temporary” structure has become nearly as grungy as the 80-year-old original.
I took pictures of the Caterpillars tearing down the buildings thinking that one day, after the city had built the new structure, I could do a story about it. Well, next time you are at the night market, wander over and look through the gate by the corrugated walls. Not an absolute goddamn thing has been done.
Does the word misprision apply, Mr. mayor?