Mazu Island getaway

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I stayed at the Chinbe Hostel (芹壁村 – on Beigan Island in Mazu a couple of years ago. At the time, it was NT$500 per person (regardless of occupancy) to stay in the centuries-old old stone buildings that have been converted to hostels. It was very pleasant and atmospheric. There is a bar overlooking a small cove with a coral island that you can swim out to if you are a reasonable swimmer. Beigan itself is hilly and has great scenery – rent a scooter and circle it to spot various beaches and trail heads for swiming and hiking (be careful not to wander into the guarded military installations though).

The night we stayed there was a tide of anchovies that the locals waded out and caught with nets. We had lots of delicious fresh anchovies both fried and stewed over the next couple of days, and also some other delicious seafood.

There was no nightlife on the island at the time, and the nicer restaurants were only open for a couple of hours during lunch and dinner time - so don’t show up late for dinner. But for a simple, tranquil getaway (for those who like to hike or just sit overlooking the ocean with a book and a cool drink) you can’t beat it. It was a very short flight from Songshan airport.

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I am planning to spend a weekend on the Matsu islands in the coming months. I have gathered together some links.

Anyone who has been there and has information to share please post here!

General info … 2003280427



Came across this the other day:

Thursday, Jun 15, 2006,Page 4

Matsu bird cruises to begin

The annual seabird watching cruises from Matsu are scheduled to be launched on July 1, officials at the Matsu National Scenic Area Administration said yesterday. The cruises will set off from Peikan at 2pm every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, and will be available until the end of September, the officials said. The cruises will take passengers to waters around Chungtao (中島), Paimiao (白廟) and Tiechien (鐵尖), where they will be able to view a large number of terns and the “beautiful coastline of Matsu,” the officials said. Visitors interested in the activity can register in advance with the four travel agencies in Matsu or on the spot, with the fare being NT$350 (US$10.70) per person, they said. The officials said terns are common in Matsu and that tern watching activities have become popular among visitors, especially after the discovery of the Chinese crested tern – an endangered species – on the island. … 2003313651