Mazu Pilgrimage

Hi everybody,

I’m trying to find the dates of the Mazu pilgrimage this year but haven’t had any luck. I found one date on the Internet for April 18, but not sure if this is correct as I can’t check it against anything.

Does anyone know this information? Also, has anyone gone on the pilgrimage or have any idea how I, as a foreigner can join in on the pilgrimage? I’m really not sure who to contact or find out this information.

Thanks so much in advance!

I’ve photographed it for the last few years. No idea about how to officially join though.

As for 2009 dates, I don’t think they’ve decided yet. The Jhenlan temple website is

I would be careful about joining the pilgrimage if you are not a true believer. There have been a few cases of, um… I’m not sure how to put this… let’s just say unexplained occurrences. I’m not talking about a full on CURSE but I would check with a fortuneteller before following the Goddess Mazu.

The bicycle version of the pilgrimage will take place on 21 February 2009.

It probably won’t be long until a temple dedicated to bicycles is built somewhere in Taiwan.

I love the cartoon of the goddess on a bike. :laughing: