MBR playing Saturday, June 2 at PEACEFEST 2007

This looks like a ripper of a weekend. Starts Friday night!!!

[quote][color=green]Cool music festival growing in stature every year, set in beautiful natural surroundings of Kunlun Herb Garden[/color].
[color=red]Peacefest 2007 runs from Friday, June 1~Sunday, June 3. [/color]

The Muddy Bum Boys will be playing at 5.45 on Saturday.

Check the brilliantly named website for more details: hopingforhoping.com/

Peacefest Performance Schedule:

9 Locals and Yokels Jam
10 Ren Jian Bao Puppet Theatre (Dream Community, punk rock puppet musical)
11 Faye & the Slacks (groovy folk)
11:45 The Anglers (roots & reggae)
12:30 Public Radio (soul rock)
1:15 .22 (rock)
2 DJ Marcus Aurelius (bootyshakin)
3 Dragon (trance, live PA)

11 Macedonian Music Band (Macedonian music)
11:45 Paparazzi (instrumental fusion)
12:30 New Hong Kong Hair City (progressive rock)
1:15 Sophie & Cemelesai from Totem (aboriginal folk)
2 Divebomb (punk)
2:45 TBA
3:30 Charlie Swiggs (rock)
4:15 the idiots (funk & rock)
5 Mister Green (folk rock)
[color=blue]5:45 Muddy Basin Ramblers (jug band)[/color]
6:30 Peace Circle
7 Peace for Peace All-Star Jam 7:45 to a god unknown (instrumental rock)
8:30 Militant Hippi (funky jams)
9:15 The Admissionaries (rock & reggae)
10 Pan Africana Cultural Troupe (Afro-Caribbean)
10:45 Boogie Chillin’ (blues)
11:30 Uli & the Brood (funk & reggae)
12:15 Heavy Smoker (punk rock)
1 Rocket Grrrl (loud)
2 Stereotypes (DJs Cap & That Guy) (funk, soul & hiphop)
chillout Viba (downtempo live electronica), MoShang (chinese chill)

10 Snooze Button
11 Song Circle – ¡Viva Freemosa!
11:45 Native Space (eclectica)
12:30 Ad Hoc (rock)
1:15 Rabbit Is Rich (garage rock)
2 Full house (rockabilly)
2:45 88 Guava Seeds (acoustic punk)
3:30 The Money shot horns (all-star funk & soul)
4:15 Festival Finale[/quote]