McCain vs. Billary, or Obama--who is better for Taiwan?

. Given Michelle’s totalitarian left leanings, I think she could be Obama’s Jiang Qing :laughing: .[/quote]

Wow that’s extreme labeling.

And Ac what does having a Chinese BIL have to do with having an opinion about TW? :loco:[/quote]

Chewy and I are just poking fun at common Chinese stereotypes.

I’m just poking fun at the Cantonese stereotype of having a very negative veiw of Taiwanese, especially recent development of TI identity. Cantonese in general of very proud of being Chinese because they see themselves as descendents of the Tang dynasty. Every Chinese has to study Tang songs and poetry at some point to be considered “educated.” Their dialect is directly inherited from the Tang dynasty. Their history with the UK in HK is a shining example of how to modernize Chinese culture under adverse conditions, whereas Chinese culture in ROC, PRC, Singapore, and overseas are like bean sprouts in manure.

Not to mention, Obama grew up in Indonesia. A quick summary is the Chinese aligned themselves with the powers that be, bought government companies on the cheap during the Dutch and Japanese enlightenment to the evils of colonialism, and dominated the economy since they were banned from all other aspect of Indonesian life.

If you want to read of the legal discrimination of Chinese in Indonesia ( … _Indonesia). Basically think Jews in Nazi Germany.

I could go on and on about why I think Obama might not be that sympathic towards the Taiwanese, while playing on American stereotypes…maybe he thinks Taiwanese look like Korean grocers ^_^.

To be quite honest I would doubt any of the candidates would deviate far from the current States Department policy on One China…which is great, because it allows me to poke fun at them with little or no concern.