McCain's Creepy Advisors

As if it weren’t creepy enough that McCain has filled his campaign up to the brim with lobbyists, we find out that his main man on Catholic issues, Deal Hudson, thrives on taking kids-at-risk to drink body shots of tequila. Which is how he got tossed out of a tenured faculty position at Fordham University.

He took an 18-year-old freshman who came to him, listened to her problems, and then he figured taking her out to get drunk and fuck her was a great solution to her problems. … ic-advisor

[quote]“I told him everything about me,” Poppas recalled in a four-page document she provided to Fordham administrators at the conclusion of the semester. “He knew I was a ward of the court, without parents, severely depressed, and even suicidal. I discussed with him why I had lost my faith in God, in humanity, and in myself. He was extremely attentive and genuinely concerned.”

On February 15, “Fat Tuesday,” Poppas again visited Hudson at his office.

“He was in high spirits, telling me of how he had searched far and wide for the best marguerite [sic] in town,” Poppas wrote. Hudson would be meeting a group of NYU students at Tortilla Flats, a popular West Village bar where, according to a current review, “friendly waiters sometimes surprise you with free shots of tequila.”

Would Poppas care to join him?

“I was very reluctant,” wrote Poppas, who, at age 18, was still three years shy of the legal drinking age. “I knew I would be the youngest, as well as the newcomer to their frequent gatherings,” she wrote. “He promised not to tell the others my age. I decided to go.”[/quote]

And this is the kind of guy that McCain keeps around his campaign: … 16098.html

Apparently birds of a feather flock together.

Well, you can’t get much sleazier than Karl Rove (the man is dishonesty personified), but McCain actually hired Tucker Eskew to join his campaign staff. Eskew was the guy who launched the “John McCain has a black baby” whisper campaign in 2000 for the benefit of the Bush campaign.

Perhaps McCain will use that same guy to spread the rumor via push-polling that Obama has a “mixed-race” love child as well, just to get the Republican southern states all riled up. It worked in 2000 in the Carolinas…

my take is that McCain made a deal with his republican extremists.

Whisper campaign 2008: “Psssst! Barack Obama has two black babies!”

Whisper campaign 2008: “Psssst! Barack Obama has two black babies!”[/quote]
And we know that Obama is not black enough, so who is the father of those kids? Hmmmm.

He’s in bed with the nutsos, and in bed with the lobbyists: … id=topnews

[quote]For years, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) has railed against lobbyists and the influence of “special interests” in Washington, touting on his campaign Web site his fight against “the ‘revolving door’ by which lawmakers and other influential officials leave their posts and become lobbyists for the special interests they have aided.”

But when McCain huddled with his closest advisers at his rustic Arizona cabin last weekend to map out his presidential campaign, virtually every one was part of the Washington lobbying culture he has long decried. His campaign manager, Rick Davis, co-founded a lobbying firm whose clients have included Verizon and SBC Telecommunications. His chief political adviser, Charles R. Black Jr., is chairman of one of Washington’s lobbying powerhouses, BKSH and Associates, which has represented AT&T, Alcoa, JPMorgan and U.S. Airways.

Senior advisers Steve Schmidt and Mark McKinnon work for firms that have lobbied for Land O’ Lakes, UST Public Affairs, Dell and Fannie Mae. [/quote]

Well, old cowboy McCain is gonna have to just shoot his way on out of Gucci Gulf, ain’t he? Probably not. He’s being nurtured in their slippery warmth, just like as if he’d sunk down into a Georgia O’Keefe painting.